Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dead Meat: Review

From Goodreads:
The city of River's Edge has been quarantined due to a rodent borne rabies outbreak. But it quickly becomes clear to the citizens that the infection is something much, much worse than rabies... 

The townsfolk are attacked and fed upon by packs of the living dead. Labeling the infected residents "bees" for their tendency to travel in swarms, Gavin and Benny attempt to survive the chaos in River's Edge while making their way north in search of sanctuary. No one knows what waits outside the quarantined zone, but Gavin and Benny know that to survive, they must escape.

My Review:
This was an awesome, chill-thrill book, heart-pounding, and terror filled novel. The characters were strong and weak during parts of the novel, when things got too hard, and they still kept going-survival is the name of the game, or in this case, the job, thought it's most definitely not a regular 9 to 5 job!

I didn't like Benny at first, he swears almost every 3rd word, and while they are in a apocalypse with zombies that are pretty darn hard to kill, he didn't really need to. So that was a bit annoying, but balanced with Gavin, who was a bit calmer throughout the disaster, it evened out the book, and added contrast between the 2 guys.

I really enjoyed the zombies, I haven't read any zombie books besides The Forest of Hands and Teeth series,  so I don't know how they are in most other books, but the simple indestructible nature, of how hard it was to destroy them, and how they kept coming back, and didn't seem to feel any pain, well, that was just great! Loved reading that, and it really made the action scenes more intense, that they'd been human, and that they'd just keep coming and coming. It was awesome! Love the blood and gore!

This was an awesome book, and yeah, really enjoyed it, all the bone smashing, zombie-killing, survival. Yep.

Authors: Chris and Patrick Williams
Read: May 28th, 2012
Source: Innovative Online Book Tours Review Copy
Reason Why: Sounded like a great read! And it's a 2012 Dystopian book!
Publisher: Permuted Press
Published: March 12th 2012
4/5 Hearts
3.5/5 Books
4/5 Stars

Chris's Bio:
My name’s Chris… and I like to party. To be honest those days are mostly over. I’m growing up and not liking it. I miss my childhood. The days where I could spend all day watching cartoons, playing with legos and of course watching movies. My favorites were horror. Time flew by as I got older and more into movies. My tastes opened up to include all sorts of movies; foreign, indie, blockbusters, cult classics and whatever genre Bill & Teds Bogus Journey fits into.

Enter the Chris of now. Browsing the intertubes I came upon a video, Red vs. Blue: Zombie Plans. Afterwards I thought, “what would my zombie plan be?" Thus was the beginning of Dead Meat.

Patrick's Bio:
Patrick here, and I like to party. Actually, we're done with the Hot Rod quotes. On a serious note, I'm an English instructor at a community college and University of Phoenix. I have a passion for poetry, fiction (mostly grotesque stuff), an undying devotion for speculative fiction. Zombies and B horror films were a pivotal element of our childhood, and we felt we could make a contribution to the literary zombie niche. My brother and I started collaborating on online comics, and eventually, the ideas rolled into Dead Meat as a graphic novel. Since we didn't have the time and couldn't come to a particular artistic style for the graphics, we just made it into a book. Enjoy.

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