Friday, May 18, 2012

Wrote that Review Update 1

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Need motivation to write your reviews? Well, hopefully this will help, both with motivating your reviews to be written (with bribes from your library, and if you have the money, to buy more books as rewards) and to having other bloggers cheering you on, to comments on your reviews, so the goodwill is spread!

The bribes are inspired/ideas borrowed from The Reward Challenge hosted by Good Golly Miss Holly, and the way of linking up reviews are borrowed from Red House Books NetGalley challenge.

OK, rules.
1. Read a book, then write a review! And because you do this, you reward yourself with another book to read, and you can decide how many reviews you have to write to earn 1 book, like 1 review, 1 book, to 100 reviews, 1 book.
2. Link up on the 1st linky below your post (like this one) talking about your reviews you motivate yourself, and comment on other posts like yours  and they'll comment back! Put your name @ Your Blog, or at least your blog in the name, so to cut confusion.
3. When your reviews are posted, they can be added to the 2nd linky below, 1 review for free, and you can trade comments on other linked up reviews for more reviews linked up on the linky. For the title, put your blog - Title of the book you reviewed.

So hopefully this sounds like fun! And the more reviews you write, the better you feel, because once they're wrote, then people can see them, and see your work, and the author's work, and isn't that a great feeling?

Now for my personal part of this post. I motivated myself to write my review of When the Heart Falls, Small Town Sinners, Devoted, (twice, because it didn't save the first time :( ) Air, You Are So Undead to Me, The Twilight Before Christmas, Oceans of Fire, Suffocate, Embrace, North of Beautiful and and since I have so many reviews to write, for every 25 reviews I write, I'll pick out a book to request from the library! (this reward system is just for WR, not for my reward challenge where I'm at 42 currently. Counts differently and all. Yep.)

And this week, I want to review the rest of Week 20, Week 19, Week 51, and Week 52. So about 29 reviews to write. Must get to them!

OK, now tell your stories below in comments and blog posts!


  1. Oh that is a pretty good idea (posting a certain amount of reviews before rewarding yourself with a book)! It'll get me to write more reviews & cut down on my spontaneous book shopping at the same time :D

  2. Thanks :) And hopefully it'll work :) I just need people to actually link up :) I actually wish I could buy more! But a lack of job/going to be starting college soon. But birthday is coming up soon, so money for books! Whoo!


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