Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week 9 Review: Rivals and Retribution

From Goodreads:
Jessie Gillmansen is in trouble again and she's in for the fight of her life--and Pietr's! With Marlaena's dangerous wolf pack putting more pressure on the Rusakova family, change is inevitable and when it comes, it brings a heavy price that forces Alexi into action to save his youngest brother's heart, head, and life. In the stunning conclusion of this celebrated paranormal series two werewolf families fight for control of the small town of Junction, control of each other and--most elusive of all--control of themselves.

My Review:
OK, so I enjoyed this book a lot, it was the ending of the series, and yeah, that sucks, but it's how it is.  I enjoyed it a lot, and it brought about the end of a pretty great series. I have some quibbles, but I enjoyed it over all. I didn't enjoy it as much as previous books, which sucks, but oh, well.

So this book picks up where Destiny and Deception left off pretty quickly, with rescuing Jessie. But then that brings back Pietr's wolf from the temporary cure. But then he imprints on Marlaena, which sucks, because of Jessie, and that their packs are fighting for control of the town and all.

The ending was pretty good, bar one thing, and questions. That big thing is that Jessie wakes up, and thinks the whole series has been a dream, and her mom's alive. Then she sees Pietr and realizes it wasn't. But it showed that her mom was weighted less than her boyfriend for Jess. Which, yeah.

Those questions I had, the big one was if "Derek was in their heads" thing, because that's a kinda big thing. So I really hope that we could get a spin off, because the ending wasn't very end-y, and I want more of this world!

Pretty great book to end a pretty great series, and I can't wait to read what Shannon Delany writes next!

Author: Shannon Delany
Series: 13 to Life #5
Read: February 23, 2013
Source: Library
Reason Why: Loved the first 4 books, and it's a Sequel Challenge 2013 Book, End of Series 2013 Book and a LLFL Book!
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Published: August 7th 2012
5/5 Hearts
3.5/5 Books
4/5 Stars

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