Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Have an Update! #10, August 28th

New Titles: Watch Me Die, and Broken to Be Fixed

New Plots:
Watch Me Die: In a world where it takes several days-up to a month-to die, the world is starting to crumble. Then the alvakes come, and more people are dying, till there is hardly anybody left. Is there a way to save them?

Broken to Be Fixed: Alexa has never been able to walk. But nobody really cares-she was just created in a lab, for the sole purpose to find a way to cure spinal cord injuries. But they tried too soon, too fast, and made mistakes, and left her with an almost worst condition-her spine was shattered, but is still held together, but just barely. And it can’t be fixed, unlike the other injuries, because she’d die if it was. But when a new technology comes out, she has a chance. Will she take it and be another experiment, or will she break free from being regarded so low?

Monthly Word Count: 184 323 words. I've been busy!

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