Sunday, August 28, 2011

Learning to Drive

We've all been there, right? Learning to drive, or like me, already knowing how to drive, but learning a new type of whatever it's called, from auto, to standard. IT IS FREAKING SCARY! Today, I was pulling out of a parking lot, and the car stalled 5 times or something as I inched out of there. Not fun.
So I'm going to be busy with my driving hours, and such, and won't have so much time on the computer for the next week (there's 3 lessons this week that are 2 hours long each) so yeah. Hope I get to read a lot, but I'm not sure what time that I'll get.

What are some of learning to drive horror stories you have to share?


  1. Good luck learning standard driving. I cannot drive a stick shift at all. No horror stories for me, unless you include my trying to drive a motorcycle. I had a brain freeze, couldn't remember how to shift gears, and fell. :(

    Thank goodness I, or innocent bystanders, were not seriously hurt.

  2. Oh, I think I'm getting the hang of it. Just finding the point of friction with the clutch, that's the only hard part, and I'm getting better at it, and everything else is pretty easy :)

    Ouch :( That doesn't sound like fun! But yeah for no serious hurts! I am not going to even try to do a motercycle, too little vehicle!

  3. The clutch is what confused me. Good luck to you!

  4. The cluch once you get used to it, isn't too bad :) and thanks!


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