Saturday, August 6, 2011

Week 31 Review: The Textile Planet

From Goodreads:
Humorous story of insanity in the high-energy high fashion world of the future. Marla Gershe is going nuts and she's taking the Textile Planet with her.

My Review:
I was just unable to finish this book. For one, it's 541 on the PDF that I have. Two, it was just a little crazy. Three, it was hard to understand, and things just flowed weirdly. I got almost 200 pages in, but they were just hard to understand, and I just couldn't read this book anymore. The world is strange, nonsensical, and the dialogue and what was going on just made no sense, why would she blow up about this or that, and then at the hospital, there were all those strange just wasn't interesting to me. I didn't want to read the next page, I didn't care about Marla, and I thought it was pointless to read this book. So I didn't finish it.

So I won't recommend this book, but if you do read it, please tell me your thoughts, and maybe something to encourage me to pick it up again. After all, I still have the PDF, so I can start reading it again. I just need to have the motivation. So yeah, this was a bit disappointing  my first book that I was unable to finish. But maybe later, I will. Hopefully.

Author: Sue Lange
Source: LibraryThing Review Copy
Reason Why: I don't know anymore.
Publisher: Book View Cafe
Published: September 4th 2010
0/5 Hearts
0/5 Books
0/5 Stars


  1. Wow. This was your first book ever that you were unable to finish? Good track record.

  2. Not the first one that I've ever not been able to finish, but the only one since I started this blog and started reviewing :) So almost as good. Just 2 or 3 others that I haven't been able to finish.

  3. Still a good track record. Hope you keep it that low. :)


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