Friday, August 12, 2011

Follow that Blurb Reading Challenge Update 6

I'm currently reading Flashpoint (after finding out that it's the second in the series, opps!) And so I'll have my review up tommorrow, I hope, and then I'll update this post!

Here's the start up post. This is a meme hosted by Reading With Tequila.

My Reading Journey:

1. The Devil Colony by James Rollins. Review here

Blurb: "Nobody-and I mean nobody-does this stuff better than Rollins" -Lee Child

2. Killing Floor by Lee Child Review here

Blurb: "This is a kick-ass first novel by the very talented lee Child. Hero Jack Reacher has presence and dimension-a man you definitely want on your side. Child has a sure touch and a strong voice. Definitely a talent to watch" -Lynn S. Hightower

3. Flashpoint by Lynn Hightower

Blurb: "A truly original plot...Lena Padget is a very welcome addition to the ranks of fictional private eyes. She is witty, tough, and always a woman" -Stuart Kaminsky

4. A Whisper to the Living by Stuart M. Kaminsky

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