Sunday, November 9, 2014

Nancy Holder Author Page

The Story: Found the Possession series, and yeah, it was pretty creepy and awesome, so yeah, I checked out some of her other books! Really entertaining, and I can't wait for more!


Series: WickedCrusadeThe Wolf Springs Chronicles, Wolf Spring Chronicles, Possessions.

Wicked: Wicked and her sitemy reviewCurse and her sitemy reviewLegacy and her sitemy reviewSpellbound and her sitemy reviewResurrection and her sitemy review.

Crusade: Passing and her site, (part of *The Eternal Kiss*), Crusade and her sitemy reviewDamned and her sitemy reviewVanquished and her sitemy review.

Passing is a short story in the book called The Eternal Kiss, set in the Crusade world, here's my review.

The Wolf Springs Chronicles: Unleashed and her sitemy reviewmy rereadHot Blooded and her sitemy reviewSavage and my review.

Stand Alone's:: The Rules and my review.

Possession: Possessions and her site, my review, The Evil Within and her site, my review, The Screaming Season and her site, my review.

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