Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Opening Night!

It's opening night for A Christmas Carol, steampunk style! I'm really nervous, but we just started, and so far, so good! Had a few mess-ups, like us carolers weren't lined up too well, and there wasn't a lot of room, and I went on when I wasn't supposed to, because the Crachet house wasn't off yet. I blame being sick for the last 2 days on not knowing that we're not supposed to be on when it's on. But we were supposed to be on while Bob and Tiny Tim were walked to the polluters to get some chicken. I thought that we were supposed to go across, it's what we've practised. But we've only been doing sets for the past 5 or 6 days and so the crew weren't really prepared. There's 37 set changes in this play, and usually there's only 10 or 12. So it's a big job.

I'm a caroler, and a fishmonger. I had this line 1 (and only) line for the fishmonger, that was the 2nd longest talking line in the whole play (besides Scrooge's I'll be good, life is good speech) that I cut because it was way too long! Here it is, since it has a joke/implication in it. "Yeo, yeo, fresh fish! Fine cock crabs, all alive, alive-o! Have the lot for a pound, guv'ner!"  Yep. It was supposed to have turbots, and that kind of thing. Way too long! So I cut it, so it became that, something that I could memorize!

I have to wear this dress, that is a bit plain, it has strips up and down, and it's a bit ragged with some loose strings, and the back? It takes forever to put on, because there's a lot of hooks on it, and buttons for the heavy underskirt thing. I also have this cape, and it's pretty, nice and dark red, and yeah, it's very nice! I was going to wear this vest thing with a skirt for "Abundance and Charity" but since it would take too long to change back into my dress afterwards, I'm skipping that, plus there's a lot of other girls to be in it, they don't need me. Yep. I also have to go without my glasses, since they weren't of the era, and my one contact was broken, and wasn't working, which sucked. So now, I have to go on blind, with everything all fuzzy, which really sucks! It is very dark backstage, so the audience can't see what's going on there. Yep.

We're almost at intermisson now, and thank you, Tupaj, for the good editing of this post as I was writing it!

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