Saturday, December 24, 2011

Week 51 Review: Deep Down

From Goodreads:
As a child, Jessie Lockwood spent many hours helping her mother, Mariah, count the endangered ginseng plants hidden in the local woods of Deep Down, Kentucky. There she learned to appreciate the tiny Appalachian town—and ginseng's healing powers. Now a PhD, she's made her home in Lexington, even though that meant leaving Deep Down and her beloved mother—and Sheriff Drew Webb, the man she secretly loved.

When Jessie is notified that her mother never returned from her last walk in the woods, she comes home to Deep Down—and to Drew. As Jessie and Drew race to find her mother, several suspects emerge: an agent for those who market the herb for its life-giving properties; Mariah's disgruntled suitor; and an old Cherokee desperate to protect the sacred tribal herb.
In the mist of legend and fear, only two things make sense to Jessie. At any cost, she is desperate to find her mother. And she can't help falling desperately in love with Drew all over again.
My Review:
I did not enjoy this book, it was had a great plot, but the writing...not my thing, and another review I saw on Goodreads said that there were a lot of mistakes and that Mira needed better proof readers. I agree. It was just a shame, too bad, that this book didn't have the right spark. Oh, well.

And Ok, that is my review, as I can hardly remember this book.

Author: Kay Harper
Read: December 19th-21st, 2011
Source: Library
Reason Why: Looked good on the shelves, plus it's a Mira book!
Publisher: Mira
Published: June 1st 2009
2/5 Hearts
0/5 Books
0/5 Stars

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