Saturday, December 17, 2011

Week 50 Review: Silence

From Goodreads:
The noise between Patch and Nora is gone. They've overcome the secrets riddled in Patch's dark past...bridged two irreconcilable worlds...faced heart-wrenching tests of betrayal, loyalty and trust...and all for a love that will transcend the boundary between heaven and earth. Armed with nothing but their absolute faith in one another, Patch and Nora enter a desperate fight to stop a villain who holds the power to shatter everything they've worked for—and their love—forever.

My Review:
Squee! Loved this book! It had so much internal turmoil, after all, it begins with Nora having lost her memories since before the first book! That can certainly cause a lot of problems! And then what happened? Wow! Loved it!

Silence was a lot like Hush, Hush, in that Nora didn't know anything about angels, she was in a pretty similar situation as the first one, except that things were a bit more extreme, what with the Black Hand thing, And it was wonderful to read about her reactions to things, and wondering how they might compare to how she would've reacted had she have her memories. Yep, it was wonderful! Loved that!

I was a bit mad at Patch because he wanted to protect Nora, and knowledge is the best weapon, and he pretty much too away hers, but that just added conflict, and made is so much better!

Loved the ending, because it is such a cliffhanger, on what choice she'll make, and wow! So amazing! Can't wait for the last book!

I hope you guys check this book out, it definitely deserves it!!

Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Series: Hush, Hush #3
Read: December 11th, 2011
Source: Library
Reason Why: Loved the first 2 books, wanted to read more!
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing
Publisher: October 4th 2011
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
3.5/5 Stars

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