Saturday, December 24, 2011

Week 51 Review: Brightwing

From Goodreads:
Edgar and Mallory Battle are on the run after a spectacularly violent escape. Now, with a trail of bodies behind them, they need a hostage against the inevitable standoff with the police. Their first doesn't last long, thanks to sociopathic Mallory. Edgar has been hiding his brother's crimes since they were kids. Now he's torn between family loyalty and self-preservation.

They carjack Lucy Brightwing, a criminal fresh from her own heist, with a fortune of uncut gems hidden in her vehicle. She could escape - but she won't abandon her millions. She could kill the Battle brothers, but she has to be careful. For one thing, if the law investigates, they'll find her ill-gotten loot. For another, her own life is sacred. She's the last member of a Florida paleoindian tribe thought to be extinct - the Tequesta. With her share of the money she plans to buy, bribe and blackmail her way into her own ancestral tribal lands in the heart of the Everglades: a Tequesta nation.

Lucy leads the brothers into her beloved swamp, determined to kill them. But when she falls for Edgar she must decide whether to risk her heritage and the future of her tribe to save the doomed brothers.

My Review:
I enjoyed this book. It was interesting, it was unique, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!!! The characters were interesting, and so was the plot, and Lucy was very interesting, like her decision to have him get experience.

I enjoyed the history, and the plotting that went on to get to where it ended, well, it was complicated, interesting, and yeah, I just really enjoyed that!!

The romance!!! Sweet, and yet, there was this element of, I dunno, but it was shown in the whole "pros being used to teach better skills" thing at the end, well, there was a bit of selfishness to that, in wanting better then inadequate. And un-possessiveness, a bit, to share him, so that the unskilled could be changed. But I enjoyed it.

Just rereading the last 2 chapters to write this review, I got a very ominous feeling, especially with the last line, with forever, hell, swamps. But it could be nothing...

Yeah, this was just a great, great book, I really enjoyed it, and I hope you guys check it out!!!

Author: Laura L. Sullivan
Read: December 20th, 2011
Source: Author for review
Reason Why: Looked like an amazing book, and interesting, too!
Publisher: Laura L. Sullivan
Published: July 6th 2011
5/5 Hearts
4.5/5 Books

4.5/5 Stars

*I received this from the author to review, and was not paid for my review, this is my honest opinion on the book*

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