Saturday, December 28, 2013

Week 52 Review: Indelible

From Goodreads:
Some things are permanent.


And they cannot be changed back.

Joy Malone learns this the night she sees a stranger with all-black eyes across a crowded room—right before the mystery boy tries to cut out her eye. Instead, the wound accidentally marks her as property of Indelible Ink, and this dangerous mistake thrusts Joy into an incomprehensible world—a world of monsters at the window, glowing girls on the doorstep, and a life that will never be the same.

Now, Joy must pretend to be Ink’s chosen one—his helper, his love, his something for the foreseeable future...and failure to be convincing means a painful death for them both. Swept into a world of monsters, illusion, immortal honor and revenge, Joy discovers that sometimes, there are no mistakes.

Somewhere between reality and myth lies…


My Review:
This was such an awesome book! I mean, there's the Twixt, and there's Ink, and his sister Inq, who are the ones in charge of marking humans as their property, and while Ink has a human like body, he is different, some of them slight, but others, like his attitude towards Joy, is pretty different.

Joy was an interesting character, she has the sight, and was supposed to be blinded, but he missed, and she was upset about the situation, but honestly, it's human to whine. But she's also strong enough to be caring, and independent.

I really enjoyed the Twixt world, because yeah, it's kinda horrifying, but the kind of horrifying that has people gawking at a car accident, it's not happening to you, it's happening to someone else, so their misery doesn't effect you. That's what it was for all of the non-humans, really, at the Twist.

I really enjoyed the interactions between both Ink and Joy, and Ink and Inq, because Ink does want to be more human, understand us, and Inq is more human then him, and yeah, between the 2 of them, Ink has a very interesting place to gather intelligence on us.

Yeah, this was a really fantastic book, and I can't wait for Invisible!

Author: Dawn Metcalf
Series: The Twixt #1
Read: December 24th, 2013
Source: Tuebl/NetGalley
Reason Why: Sounded good!
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Published: July 30th 2013
5/5 Hearts
4/5 Books
4/5 Stars

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