Thursday, February 23, 2012

Buying Books

I love books. I really do. Apparently I have a problem because of that. But anyways. I'm in Phoenix, I went to a bookstore, and because of my mom, I could only get 3 books. I found 8 that I wanted to buy. It was Half-Price book store, so I got the 3 books that I chose, Legend, Oceans of Fire, and Missing You, for just under $20, with 2 bookmarks. I could've gotten the other 5 books, Eon, Sisters Red, Dark Peril, Lair of the Lion, and Forbidden, for just under what money I have left, and still get A Million Suns or something! Which makes me upset. I want to buy these books, but I'm not being allowed to.

So yeah, this doesn't make sense. If I have the money, why shouldn't I spend it, since I don't often have a chance to buy books, and she let me get the money out. What does she think I'll spend it on? I really want to go back to the store! And get these other books. I don't want to come back with this money that I can't really spend home, because for one, we have loonies and toonies, and they have dollar bills, which is honestly quite silly-they're used so often, and in coin they can hardly ever be destroyed, but in paper, it's so easy to break! Thus coins are better. But anyways. I want to buy my books!

So. What about you guys? Any book buying problem stories/comments?

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