Saturday, June 20, 2015

Week 25 Review: Dead Silence

From Goodreads:
Ragnarok is upon the worlds, and the time to fight is now. They come from all of the Nine Realms. Dark Elves, Dragons, Frost Giants, Elves ... They all come to fight for Odin. 

And they answer to Valkyrie Brynhildr. 

Tricked by Loki, Bryn is now imprisoned and finding a way out is harder than it seems. Time is running out for those who fight for Odin and while Aidan's absence is felt by all, Bryn and her team know there is no time to waste.

But Bryn is determined to find him, and stop him using every means necessary. From poisoned water to black goo, to an electronically monitored Bifrost, Bryn will use all the tricks up her sleeves to save Odin and the Nine Realms.

The war is nature and there is disaster all across the Nine Realms. 

Ragnarok is here ... 

In this, the 5th, and final, exhilarating installment in the Valkyrie series, Bryn takes on Loki with her eye on bringing him to the Vigrid Plains, the site of the final battle of Ragnarok. From all across the world, Bryn and all her teams do all they can, battling naturals disasters and murderous attackers to prevent the end of the world.

My Review:
Oh, man, this was a really excellent end to this series! And as a bonus, there's a spin off series! Which is going to be so freaking fantastic, 2016 can not get here fast enough for me! Like, I just want more of this world, even if/especially if it's set a few years after this one ended!

The whole Loki adopted thing was why Loki couldn't use the spear, which is a good thing, though it causes him to do bad things! Like, that cliffhanger ending of the last book, and the awesome opening of this book! And so many other things, too!

So much happens in this book! Like we meet a few more characters that are pretty important, and then also the familiar faces, which was really fantastic! Though it did feel a bit like a few characters were either dropped or under-utilized. There was just so much going on!

And that was a good, and a bit of a bad thing. Because there wasn't really a chance to react to things, like, the White House got bombed (which is why the N.Y. UN headquarters thing seems a bit was Loki, after all!) and not much reaction. And then the actual final battle was so short! And Bryn's berserker state comes out again (and I wish it'd been dealt with just a touch more, but hopefully in the spin off series! Oh, and the water, too, that wasn't used in this book! I want that in the next series!) What I really did enjoy, was how things were twisted, to make something that seemed bad, end good! That was really great!

Man, this was such a fantastic book, and yeah, I just really want more!

Author: T.G. Ayer
Series: Valkyrie #5
Read: June 18th, 2015
Source: Author for Review
Reason Why: Loved the first four books, and it's a 2015 Dystopia Book, End of Series 2015 Book and a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2015 Book!
Publisher: Infinite Ink Books
Published: May 20th 2015
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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