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Week 9 Reviews: The Beast of Blackmoor, Silent Night

From Goodreads:
From Milla Vane—a warrior princess must tame The Beast of Blackmoor to earn a place among her people. But she quickly discovers that the beast isn't a monster, but a barbarian warrior who intends to do some taming himself.

This is a short piece that I wrote for a blog and features Mala's cousin, Laina, who was mentioned in "The Beast of Blackmoor." This takes place after that story but there are no spoilers for it.

My Review:
Wow, I really enjoyed both of these! And yeah that we're going to get more with at least 2 full length books, because these were both under 150 pages combined. I need more of this world, and I can't wait to learn more!

Beast of Blackmoor, well, this book was graphic, both with the violence and with the sex. Both of these characters are warriors, and they live life large in both of those arenas, so it makes sense. And I think we'll be seeing a lot of that in this series!

I was rooting for the both of them. Mala was on her quest to tame the beast, who happens to be Kavic, and if she succeeds, she gets the strength of 10,000 warriors, which her country needs for the return of a great evil. If she loses, she's outcast. So there's a lot riding on this!

Kavic on the other hand, has a pretty rough past, and made a poor decision to anger Mala's goddess, who told him that the end was near when the red lady came. The red lady being Mala. So yeah, there was a lot of complex, fun times, because the taming, he has a pretty different and negative thorough about it than what Mala intends! Made for fantastic reading!

Silent Night is a short scene, and we get to see Laina, Mala's cousin. And it is so short, I want to know what her main quest is, and why she can't speak because of it. Maybe this story is part of the reason why, but I hope that we learn more in the full length book!

Really enjoyed the both of these, and I can't wait for more!

Author: Milla Vane
Series: Barbarians #1, 1.1
Read: February 28th, 28th, 2020
Source:, Online
Reason Why: Sounded really great, and they're Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2020 Books!
Publisher: Berkley
Published: November 24th 2014, December 3rd 2014

The Beast of Blackmoor:
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

Silent Night:
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

Week 9 Review: Smoke Bitten

From Goodreads:
Mercy Thompson, car mechanic and shapeshifter, faces a threat unlike any other in this thrilling entry in the #1 New York Times bestselling series.

I am Mercedes Athena Thompson Hauptman.
My only "superpowers" are that I turn into a thirty-five pound coyote and fix Volkswagens. But I have friends in odd places and a pack of werewolves at my back. It looks like I'm going to need them.

Centuries ago, the fae dwelt in Underhill--until she locked her doors against them. They left behind their great castles and troves of magical artifacts. They abandoned their prisoners and their pets. Without the fae to mind them, those creatures who remained behind roamed freely through Underhill wreaking havoc. Only the deadliest survived.

Now one of those prisoners has escaped. It can look like anyone, any creature it chooses. But if it bites you, it controls you. It lives for chaos and destruction. It can make you do anything--even kill the person you love the most. Now it is here, in the Tri-Cities. In my territory.

It won't, can't, remain.

Not if I have anything to say about it. 

My Review:
Wow, I was really looking forward to this book! I mean, I checked NetGalley every single weekday to see if my wish had been granted when it was just to wish for, and then the day it was available for request, I did. And then I read it the day that I got it. Yeah, I just devoured it, because I wanted to read it so freaking badly! It was well worth it, it's such an amazing book, I just loved it!

There's three main issues in this book. The smoke monster, and Mercy and Adam's relationship. But the third one isn't in the synopsis or the first chapter excerpt. They all caused problems at inopportune times, which just makes for great reading!

Oh, man, there's this really powerful scene in this book, and when I reread-which may or may not be next week, since I want to slow down and really enjoy the details-I may have a hard time getting through it as fast, because man, it was a war on the emotions!

Mercy is her intelligent and amazing self, and I enjoyed her learning a bit more about the pack bonds, her mental landscape, and about the threat they face. It brings up a new element, that now that I'm thinking about it, may be connected to short bit from Storm Cursed. I can't wait to see it play out!

This book was so fantastic, and I can't wait to read more in this world, since I think it's an Alpha and Omega book up next!

Author: Patricia Briggs
Series: Mercy Thompson #12
Read: February 28th, 2020
Source: NetGalley
Reason Why: I absolutely love her writing and this series, and it's a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2020 Book and a WoW Book!
Publisher: Ace
Expected Publication: March 17th 2020
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

Week 9 Review: The Shadows Between Us

From Goodreads:
Alessandra is tired of being overlooked, but she has a plan to gain power:

1) Woo the Shadow King.
2) Marry him.
3) Kill him and take his kingdom for herself.

No one knows the extent of the freshly crowned Shadow King's power. Some say he can command the shadows that swirl around him to do his bidding. Others say they speak to him, whispering the thoughts of his enemies. Regardless, Alessandra knows what she deserves, and she's going to do everything within her power to get it.

But Alessandra's not the only one trying to kill the king. As attempts on his life are made, she finds herself trying to keep him alive long enough for him to make her his queen—all while struggling not to lose her heart. After all, who better for a Shadow King than a cunning, villainous queen?

My Review:
This book was dark and fantastic, and I enjoyed it so much! The synopsis had me captivated, and I just couldn't want to see how it all played out, and yeah, it was such a ride, and I enjoyed this book immensely!

Both Alessandra and Kallias are dark and a bit twisted. While writing this review, I found out that the author wrote this as her Slytherin romance, and that's a perfect explanation, because these two aren't the heroes, they make morally questionable decisions, and I loved reading it!

My modern sensibilities were oscillated between being thrilled and horrified. Like Alessandra's against all the customs that say women are basically possessions, they don't think, they don't have their own voice. But then there's how brutal the kingdom was. There's this one scene where there's a robbery. And all the guards are killed for failing in their duty. I could see punishment, but death? Bah!

How it all came together, well, Alessandra is smart and she is decisive, and really made that ending! She could've done nothing, but the changes that her character when through in this book, falling in love again, well, made for an excellent ending!

Loved this book, and I'm going to have to read more of Tricia Levenseller's books!

Author: Tricia Levenseller
Read: February 25th, 2020
Reason Why: It sounded fantastic, and it's a SAC 2020 Book and a WoW Book!
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Published: February 25th 2020
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

Week 9 Reviews: Imaginary Numbers, Follow the Lady

From Goodreads:
The ninth book in the fast-paced InCryptid urban fantasy series returns to the mishaps of the Price family, eccentric cryptozoologists who safeguard the world of magical creatures living in secret among humans.

Sarah Zellaby has always been in an interesting position. Adopted into the Price family at a young age, she's never been able to escape the biological reality of her origins: she's a cuckoo, a telepathic ambush predator closer akin to a parasitic wasp than a human being. Friend, cousin, mathematician; it's never been enough to dispel the fear that one day, nature will win out over nurture, and everything will change.

Maybe that time has finally come.

After spending the last several years recuperating in Ohio with her adoptive parents, Sarah is ready to return to the world–and most importantly, to her cousin Artie, with whom she has been head-over-heels in love since childhood. But there are cuckoos everywhere, and when the question of her own survival is weighed against the survival of her family, Sarah's choices all add up to one inescapable conclusion.

This is war. Cuckoo vs. Price, human vs. cryptid…and not all of them are going to walk away.

My Review:
Reading these two stories was really fantastic! I just love this series, and it was great to be in Sarah's head, as well as see the conclusion, basically, of Annie's story arc. At least the last 3 book one. Such great reads!

Imaginary Numbers was interesting, because Sarah's a cuckoo, and in the few stories that she, or her adopted mother, weren't the cuckoos being talked about, cuckoos were the enemy. The reason why Alice doesn't have an older sibling. And we learned so, so much about them! Such a fantastic story!

So the quotes at the top of each chapter, they're from family members of the same gender of the family member who is narrating the book. Which is kinda important, because this book is pretty different, and we get Artie's narration for a good chunk of the book. So that was pretty fantastic, since part of the story was their relationship!

Oh, and that ending! That was pretty intense, and who knows what the fallout is going to be! We're given hints in a few word choices in that epilogue, but that's only going to be the tip of the iceberg, I'm certain! Can't wait to find out more!

Follow the Lady, it's set between That Ain't Witchcraft and Imaginary Numbers, and it tells the story of Annie and her group traveling home to Portland from Maine, and meeting up with Grandma Alice. Given the events of That Ain't Witchcraft, well, that's pretty important. And now I'm kinda wondering if the end of Imaginary Numbers is going to play into it as well, given where they are!

Also, it really brought to mind that we have a) not seen how Thomas made that deal with the crossroads that eventually ended up sending him off somewhere. And b) we haven't seen how the 3 Healys died. We're told they were murdered, but we haven't read that story. And while it'd hurt, it's a pretty important part of the family history!

Such fantastic reads, and I cant wait for Calculated Risk!

Author: Seanan McGuire
Series: InCryptid #9, 9.5
Read: February 24th, 26th, 2020
Source: NetGalley
Reason Why: Love her writing and this series! And they're Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2020 Books! And Imaginary Numbers is a WoW Book!
Publisher: DAW Books
Published: February 25th 2020, February 25th 2020

Imaginary Numbers:
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

Follow the Lady:
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

Week 9 Review: Angel Mage

From Goodreads:
More than a century has passed since Liliath crept into the empty sarcophagus of Saint Marguerite, fleeing the Fall of Ystara. But she emerges from her magical sleep still beautiful, looking no more than nineteen, and once again renews her single-minded quest to be united with her lover, Palleniel, the archangel of Ystara.

A seemingly impossible quest, but Liliath is one of the greatest practitioners of angelic magic to have ever lived, summoning angels and forcing them to do her bidding.

Liliath knew that most of the inhabitants of Ystara died from the Ash Blood plague or were transformed into beastlings, and she herself led the survivors who fled into neighboring Sarance. Now she learns that angels shun the Ystaran's descendants. If they are touched by angelic magic, their blood will turn to ash. They are known as Refusers, and can only live the most lowly lives.

But Liliath cares nothing for the descendants of her people, save how they can serve her. It is four young Sarancians who hold her interest: Simeon, a studious doctor-in-training; Henri, a dedicated fortune hunter; Agnez, an adventurous musketeer cadet; and Dorotea, an icon-maker and scholar of angelic magic. They are the key to her quest.

The four feel a strange kinship from the moment they meet, but do not know why, or suspect their importance. All become pawns in Liliath's grand scheme to fulfill her destiny and be united with the love of her life. No matter the cost to everyone else. . . 

My Review:
This book was fantastic! I enjoyed this world of angels and icons so much, it's so interesting! I did take a little while to get into this book, I read the first 30 pages, put it down, and had to start over. But once I did, the pages just flew right on by, and I devoured this book!

We know that Liliath has a plan in mind, and that while she expected there to be hundreds of candidates, there were only 4. And we got to alternate between those four people's POV's and get to know them which was great, they were really interesting and diverse characters, and some of Liliath. So it was great to know what everybody was doing on all sides, and see things coming together! It was so fantastic!

This book changed this world. And whit the ending, it's like, all that pain, misery and death, and for what? Just a little sad, and there's going to be a lot of rebuilding, and it's going to be difficult and painful. But at least they got through it, and it wasn't worse!

Dorotea brings up a number of questions-how did angels come about, how did the first people creating icons see whatever it was that they put on the icons that called the specific angels? We don't really get answers, just some ideas. I would've liked to know more, or maybe a sequel or another book in this world, because I just want to know more!

This book was a fantastic read, and I really need to read some more Garth Nix books!

Author: Garth Nix
Read: February 24th, 2020
Source: Edelweiss
Reason Why: Sounded really good and it's a SAC 2020 Book!
Publisher: Katherine Tegan Books
Published: October 1st 2019
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

Week 9 Reviews: Magic and the Shinigami Detective, Charms and Death and Explosions (oh my!), Magic Outside the Box

From Goodreads:
When the Night Foxes boldly break into the Fourth Precinct's Evidence Building, it causes quite the stir. The break-in is daring enough, but their method shreds the magical wards and protections on the building like confetti paper. To say the police are 'alarmed' by this is the understatement of the century. 

As a Magical Examiner, Henri Davenforth is of course immediately called in. Quite to his astonishment, Captain Gregson has him work the case like a detective. Even more astounding, he assigns Henri a partner. 

The Shinigami Detective. 

The woman is famous for killing the most destructive rogue witch of the century, and no one is quite certain where she's from. Every officer in the precinct is either in awe of her or a little frightened by her. Henri is just baffled. What is he supposed to do with a partner? 

Hopefully killing one witch makes Jamie Edwards enough of an expert on magic to be helpful, as the thieves aren't content to just break into one building. They in fact seem to have an agenda, as with each theft, they take magical objects. It's all mounting to a dangerously powerful magical construct capable of toppling the wards on any building. 

And no one has any idea what the thieves' true target is. 

From Goodreads:
A dead charm maker is only the beginning. 

Humanity seems determined to come up with increasingly clever ways to murder one another. They seize upon new technological advances in a way that's alarming, their creativity and blood-thirstiness knowing no bounds. 

When a charm maker is blown up inside his own vehicle, for once it's not Henri Davenforth's expertise needed: it's Jamie Edwards', the Shinigami Detective. Car bombs are something unique in Kingston, and only she has experience with them. But the unique murder takes an unexpected turn when it becomes evident that the dead charm maker dabbled in something he should not have, inciting disastrous results. 

The dangers he unleashed upon Kingston threaten thousands of lives and it launches a race requiring not only Jamie and Henri's expertise, but the Kingsmen's as well to beat the menace spreading through the city. 

Meanwhile, the murderer is still at large, leaving Henri and Jamie to wonder: what will blow next? 

From Goodreads:
Henri is quite accustomed to dangerous and unusual cases landing in his lap. Being partnered to the Shinigami Detective likely has something to do with it. What he is NOT accustomed to is the queen herself marching into his lab and handing them such a case. 

Former Royal Mage Joseph Burtchell was found dead in his home, all signs pointing to murder. However, it's in question as to how the murderer accomplished the deed—the house was locked, the wards fully up, and the body bearing a peculiar wound. 

It's a locked room mystery, one with a suspiciously absent murder weapon and lack of suspects. Henri's left baffled. Jamie's excited, relishing the challenge the case represents. 

Who's powerful enough to thwart a royal mage's wards and murder him undetected?

My first review of Magic and the Shinigami Detective, Charms and Death and Explosions (oh my!), Magic Outside the Box
My Review:
Yeah, I had to reread these books! I enjoyed them so much, and the 4th book is coming out soon, so I took the opportunity to refresh myself on the world and the characters, and enjoy the stories again! They're all so good!

Jamie is from our world, yanked into this one with magic, experimented on, and now in a pretty precarious, if somewhat stable and controlled, situation. This world is so interesting, since there is magic, and they have technology that is comparable to the 1910-20's. Such an interesting mix of technology, social ideas, and magic! Love it!

I just love the relationship that Jamie and Henri have. There was the bit where he and Sherard were discussing who would be her lover. And while they came to the conclusion that they shouldn't decide that since she'd understandable want to thrash them, well, it looks like it could head in that direction. If not, they're really solid friends, and it's so great to read about them!

All of these books are mainly mysteries. Well, book 2, it's more dealing with the crisis, and they don't have much energy to focus on the investigation, since there was so much carelessness that made everything worse. But the mysteries are all interesting to read again, knowing how they'd nail the bad guys, it was interesting to go on this journey again!

Loved reading this series so much, and I can't wait to read more!

Author: Honor Raconteur
Series: The Case Files of Henri Davenforth #1, 2, 3
First Read: May 13th, 13th, 2019, September 13th, 2019
Read: February 22nd, 22nd, 23rd, 2020
Reason Why: Really enjoyed these books and book 4 is coming out soon, and they're Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2020 Books!
Publisher: Raconteur House
Published: April 17th 2018, February 1st 2019, August 28th 2019

Magic and the Shinigami Detective:
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

Charms and Death and Explosions (oh my!):

5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

Magic Outside the Box:
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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Book Blogger Hop #125, February 28th

The Book Blogger Hop was originally created by Jennifer from Crazy-For-Books in March 2010 and ended on December 31, 2012. With Jennifer's permission, I relaunched the meme on February 15, 2013. Check out the hop here

Each week the hop will start on a Friday and end on Thursday. There will be a weekly prompt featuring a book related question. The hop's purpose is to give bloggers a chance to follow other blogs, learn about new books, befriend other bloggers, and receive new followers to your own blog.

The Question of the week is: Tomorrow is Leap Year. Name one book being released in 2020 that you would prefer to skip. (submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer)

There's only one book that I've DNF'ed. And that was an indie author, and I don't think they wrote much more after that, if any, and that was years ago. So they're probably not coming out with a book this year. Any book that I know about that's releasing this year, I want to read it. So nothing comes to mind. What about you guys? Happy reading!

First Lines Friday #459, February 28th

First Lines Friday is a bookish meme hosted by Literary Marie of Precision Reviews. We encourage all of our fellow book bloggers and bookhearts to play along.

-Grab your current read(s)
-Share the first line(s)
-Include the title and author so that other FLF participants can add the book to their TBR Lists!

"Victory made gods of men. So had claimed the first man who'd hired Kavik's sword. At the end of the day, the man's gold had filled Kavik's purse and the blood of his enemies had stained his armor, but Kavik knew little about gods and couldn't imagine what it must be to feel like one. After years of swinging his blade to know avail, however, he finally knew what it was to defeat rather than be be defeated."  -The Beast of Blackmoor by Milla Vane

Well, this is pretty interesting! Must learn more about this world by reading more! What about you guys? Happy reading!

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Random Reads #432, February 27th

Random Reads is a monthly meme (that I'm going to do weekly) hosted by I'm Loving Books to read some books that have been on our TBR piles for a long time. Using, I got 3625 which turned out to be Burn Mark by Laura Powell! It's been on my TBR pile since June 5th, 2013, and I added it because it sounded really great! Happy reading!

Third Sentence Thursday #446, February 27th

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Third Sentence Thursday is a weekly meme which likes to watch fireworks especially while eating a cookie!
1) Take the book you are currently reading and open it to a random page. Share the third full sentence on that page. (If there isn't a third one – like at the end of a chapter or a blank page – you can share the third sentence of the book or just choose another random page.) Feel free to share more than one sentence, if you feel the need to do so.
2) Review this sentence anyway you want (funny and silly reviews encouraged)
3) Post a link to your sentence at Words I Write Crazy (This Blog)
4) Visit one or two of the other blogs to check out their third sentences!

"It's not my story to tell." -The Darkest King by Gena Showalter, page 89.

Well, makes me wondering who's talking, and who it's about!

What are your guy's 3rd lines? Link up below!

Will the Time Come #456, February 27th

Every Thursday I am going to list a book which I really want to read/keep meaning to get to. These are mostly books which have been on my shelf for awhile now but don't have to be, maybe you got it two weeks ago and really want to read it! Thanks to Jodie from Books for Company for this meme!
Want to Join?
-Pick a book you have been meaning to read
-Do a post telling us about the book    
-Link the post up in the linky  
-Visit the other blogs

Stephanie Plum is thinking her career as a fugitive apprehension agent has run its course. She's been shot at, spat at, cussed at, fire-bombed, mooned, and attacked by dogs. Stephanie thinks it's time for a change. So she quits. She wants something safe and normal. But the kind of trouble she had at the bail bonds office can't compare to the kind of trouble she finds herself facing now...

Stephanie is stalked by a maniac returned from the grave for the sole purpose of putting her into a burial plot of her own. He's killed before, and he'll kill again if given the chance. Caught between staying far away from the bounty hunter business and staying alive, Stephanie reexamines her life and the possibility that being a bounty hunter is the solution rather than the problem. After disturbingly brief careers at the button factory, Kan Klean Dry Cleaners, and Cluck-in-a-Bucket, Stephanie takes an office position in security, working for Ranger, the sexiest, baddest bounty hunter and businessman on two continents. Tempers and temperatures rise as competition ratchets up between the two men in her life -- her on-again, off-again boyfriend, tough Trenton cop Joe Morelli, and her boss, Ranger. Can Stephanie Plum take the heat? Can you?

Why the time hasn't come yet...
It's been a while since I've read the earlier books in the series, so I'd have to do a reread. Because this series is pretty great and I want to read it! What about you guys? Happy reading!

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Waiting on Wednesday #459, February 26th

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating!

Starbreaker by Amanda Bouchet
Expected Publication: April 28th, 2020
From Goodreads:

Captain Tess Bailey and Shade Ganavan are still the galaxy's Most Wanted, and with revolution in the wind and the universe on the brink of catastrophic war, the situation couldn't be more desperate. Despite the Dark Watch scouring the known sectors for them, rebel leaders have handed the crew of the Endeavor a delicate and dangerous mission: break into Starbase 12 and free renowned scientist Reena Ahern. She's the only one who stands a chance of tipping the odds in their favor for the first time in decades.


The clock is ticking. But as their attraction builds and secrets are revealed, Tess and Shade must decide if they trust each other enough to execute this impossible prison break. They could change the course of history, but they'll be risking everything... They'll just have to tackle one crisis at a time.

The Virgin and the Rogue by Sophie Jordan
Expected Publication: April 28th, 2020
From Goodreads:
Continuing her bestselling Rogue Files series, Sophie Jordan brews up a scintillating romance about a timid wallflower who discovers a love potion and ends up falling for a dashing rogue.

A love potion…

Charlotte Langley has always been the prudent middle sister, so her family is not surprised when she makes the safe choice and agrees to wed her childhood sweetheart. But when she finds herself under the weather and drinks a “healing” tonic, the potion provokes the most maddening desire... for someone other than her betrothed.

With the power…

Kingston’s rakehell ways are going to destroy him, and he’s vowed to change. His stepbrother’s remote estate is just the place for a reformed rogue to hide. The last thing he wants is to be surrounded by society, but when he gets stuck alone with a wallflower who is already betrothed... and she astonishes him with a fiery kiss, he forgets all about hiding.

To alter two destinies.

Although Charlotte appears meek, Kingston soon discovers there’s a vixen inside, yearning to break free. Unable to forget their illicit moment of passion, Kingston vows to relive the encounter, but Charlotte has sworn it will never happen again—no matter how earth-shattering it was. But will a devilish rogue tempt her to risk everything for a chance at true love?

Ghost Money by Stephen Blackmoore
Expected Publication: April 28th, 2020
From Goodreads:
The fifth book of this dark urban fantasy series follows necromancer Eric Carter through a world of vengeful gods and goddesses, mysterious murders, and restless ghosts.

The Los Angeles Firestorm killed over a hundred thousand people, set in revenge against necromancer Eric Carter for defying the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl. Carter feels every drop of that blood on his hands. But now there's a new problem.

Too many ghosts in one spot and the barrier separating them from the living cracks. And when they cross it, they feed off all the life they can get hold of. People die. L.A. suddenly has a lot more ghosts.

But it's not just one or two ghosts breaking through: it's dozens. Another mage is pulling them through the cracks and turning them into deadly weapons. Eric follows a trail that takes him through the world of the Chinese Triads, old associates, old crimes. And a past that he thought he was done with.

Carter needs to find out how to get things under control, because if more ghosts break through, there's going to be even more blood on his hands. 

Clique Bait by Ann Valett
Expected Publication: April 28th, 2020
From Goodreads:
Pretty Little Liars meets Burn for Burn in this thrilling debut from Wattpad star Ann Valett.

Chloe Whittaker is out for revenge. Last year her best friend Monica’s life was unceremoniously ruined by the most popular students at their high school, so this year Chloe plans to take each and every one of them down. She traded her jeans and T-shirts for the latest designer clothes, deleted everything on social media that would tie her to Monica (and blow her cover), and carefully devised a way to befriend the members of the popular clique. Now all that’s left to do is uncover their deepest, darkest secrets and reveal them to the world.

Chloe has the perfect plan…that is, until she begins to fall for one of the people she’s determined to destroy.

Witness to Death by Heather Graham
Expected Publication: April 28th, 2020
From Goodreads:
Lorna Doria hadn't committed a murder. She'd seen one. Yet somehow she'd become the prisoner, while the killer was out on bail. As state's witness, she'd thought the shelter of her quiet New England life would be enough to keep her safe. Law enforcement disagreed—and it was New York City undercover cop Andrew Trudeau's job to protect her. But their strong attraction had already made it too late for that . . .

Now, with Andrew as her bodyguard, Lorna has no choice but to accept his constant presence. She assures herself she can handle it, she's mature, not easily rattled—except by Andrew. They're as different as can be, yet something bonds them, something beyond the danger they face. But as a cop, Andrew's life will always be on the line, and Lorna must decide whether she can live with that—if a killer lets them have any future at all . . .

Don't Call the Wolf by Aleksandra Ross
Expected Publication: April 28th, 2020
From Goodreads:
A forest, besieged. A queen, unyielding. Fans of Leigh Bardugo and Holly Black will devour this deliciously dark Eastern European–inspired YA fantasy debut.

When the Golden Dragon descended on the forest of Kamiena, a horde of monsters followed in its wake.

Ren, the forest’s young queen, is slowly losing her battle against them. Until she rescues Lukasz—the last survivor of a heroic regiment of dragon slayers—and they strike a deal. She will help him find his brother, who vanished into her forest… if Lukasz promises to slay the Dragon.

But promises are all too easily broken.

Yeah, some really fantastic books coming out, and some really amazing authors and series! Can't wait for these books! What about you guys? Happy reading!