Friday, November 30, 2018

Book Blogger Hop #60, November 30th

The Book Blogger Hop was originally created by Jennifer from Crazy-For-Books in March 2010 and ended on December 31, 2012. With Jennifer's permission, I relaunched the meme on February 15, 2013. Check out the hop here

Each week the hop will start on a Friday and end on Thursday. There will be a weekly prompt featuring a book related question. The hop's purpose is to give bloggers a chance to follow other blogs, learn about new books, befriend other bloggers, and receive new followers to your own blog.

The Question of the week is: If you could travel back in time to purchase the first printing of a specific novel, what book would that be? (submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer)

Bah. I don't really care about first printings or editions and such. I just want the book! I'd travel back in time for a book that was out of print! But I can't think of any off the top of my head! What about you guys? Happy reading!

The Reward Challenge Update #376, November 30th

The Reward Challenge is almost the complete opposite to a book buying ban as you'll end up buying lots of new books throughout the challenge but only after you've completed a certain amount of reading. It was hosted by Good Golly Miss Holly, so thanks to her for starting it!

OK, so I read Hallow be the Haunt which counts twice as a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2018 Book,
Fade to Black which counts 3 times as a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2018 Book and a WoW Book,
Pale as Death which counts twice as a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2018 Book, Echoes of Evil which counts twice as a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2018 Book, Haunted Be the Holidays which counts twice as a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2018 Book, These Precious Scars which counts 3 times as a 2018 Dystopia Book and a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2018 Book, Navigating the Stars which counts twice as a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2018 Book, A Justified Murder which counts 3 times as a NetGalley Book and a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2018 Book.

So I have 21 counts which translates to $10.50 this week! I'll use it to buy a book!

First Lines Friday #394, November 30th

First Lines Friday is a bookish meme hosted by Literary Marie of Precision Reviews. We encourage all of our fellow book bloggers and bookhearts to play along.

-Grab your current read(s)
-Share the first line(s)
-Include the title and author so that other FLF participants can add the book to their TBR Lists!

"Dor found the body-and all she felt was annoyance. Now she'd have to find someone else to clean for to fill out the week. Mrs. Beeson—as she insisted on being called even though there was no evidence that she'd ever had a husband—had been a good employer. She always left a hundred-dollar bill, always said thanks. At Christmas, she left an envelope containing three crisp, new one hundreds and a card that wished her a merry holiday. Now here she was, slumped forward in the chair, face on her knees." -A Justified Murder by Jude Deveraux

Ok, I kinda feel bad for the victim, that the result of her life left behind someone who didn't care that the lady was dead, and thought of the inconvenience for her. That sucks. Need to read more! What about you guys? Happy reading!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Random Reads #367, November 29th

Random Reads is a monthly meme (that I'm going to do weekly) hosted by I'm Loving Books to read some books that have been on our TBR piles for a long time. Using, I got 4626 which turned out to be The Trials by Stacey Kade! It's been on my TBR pile since August 1st, 2014, and I added it because I really enjoy her writing and this series! Happy reading!

Third Sentence Thursday #381, November 29th

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Third Sentence Thursday is a weekly meme which likes to watch fireworks especially while eating a cookie!
1) Take the book you are currently reading and open it to a random page. Share the third full sentence on that page. (If there isn't a third one – like at the end of a chapter or a blank page – you can share the third sentence of the book or just choose another random page.) Feel free to share more than one sentence, if you feel the need to do so.
2) Review this sentence anyway you want (funny and silly reviews encouraged)
3) Post a link to your sentence at Words I Write Crazy (This Blog)
4) Visit one or two of the other blogs to check out their third sentences!

"Maybe then she'll let you back into the pits." -Navigating the Stars by Maria V. Snyder, page 118.

Yeah, sounds like that a hopeful thing to happen, that it might not come around.

What are your guy's 3rd lines? Link up below!

Will the Time Come #391, November 29th

Every Thursday I am going to list a book which I really want to read/keep meaning to get to. These are mostly books which have been on my shelf for awhile now but don't have to be, maybe you got it two weeks ago and really want to read it! Thanks to Jodie from Books for Company for this meme!
Want to Join?
-Pick a book you have been meaning to read
-Do a post telling us about the book    
-Link the post up in the linky  
-Visit the other blogs

Life hasn’t exactly been rosy since Tosh Ito and Amy Sato rid San Francisco of the Akuma Clan ninjas. They still can’t control their powers, and no one really knows how to train them to be Inyo. Adding to their problems, Amy is distant and depressed and won’t say why.

Before Tosh can figure her out, the Akuma Clan makes a comeback. A gate to the kami realm is opened and strange creatures roam the city, causing chaos. Only Tosh and Amy can stop it, but they don’t know how, and they haven’t got time to learn. The gate is getting bigger, and something dangerous is waiting on the other side. Something hungry for the soul of an Inyo.

Why the time hasn't come yet...
I haven't quite read the first book yet, though I want to! Hopefully I'll get around to it soon! What about you guys? Happy reading!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Waiting on Wednesday #394, November 28th

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating!

Imprison the Sky by A.C. Gaughen
Expected Publication: January 22nd, 2019
From Goodreads:
Stolen from her family as a child, Aspasia has clawed her way up the ranks of Cyrus's black market empire to captain her own trading vessel--and she risks it all every time she uses her powerful magic to free as many women, children, and Elementae from slavery as she can.

But Cyrus is close to uncovering her secrets--not only that Aspasia is an air Elementa with the ability to sail her ship through the sky, but that she is also searching for her lost family. And if Aspasia can’t find her younger siblings before Cyrus does, she will never be able to break free. 

Armed with her loyal crew full of Elementae and a new recruit who controls an intriguing power, Aspasia finds herself in the center of a brewing war that spans every inch of the ocean, and her power alone may not be enough to save her friends, family, and freedom.

The Vanishing Stair by Maureen Johnson
Expected Publication: January 22nd, 2019
From Goodreads:
All Stevie Bell wanted was to find the key to the Ellingham mystery, but instead she found her classmate dead. And while she solved that murder, the crimes of the past are still waiting in the dark. Just as Stevie feels she’s on the cusp of putting it together, her parents pull her out of Ellingham academy.

For her own safety they say. She must move past this obsession with crime. Now that Stevie’s away from the school of topiaries and secret tunnels, and her strange and endearing friends, she begins to feel disconnected from the rest of the world. At least she won’t have to see David anymore. David, who she kissed. David, who lied to her about his identity—son of despised politician Edward King. Then King himself arrives at her house to offer a deal: He will bring Stevie back to Ellingham immediately. In return, she must play nice with David. King is in the midst of a campaign and can’t afford his son stirring up trouble. If Stevie’s at school, David will stay put.

The tantalizing riddles behind the Ellingham murders are still waiting to be unraveled, and Stevie knows she’s so close. But the path to the truth has more twists and turns than she can imagine—and moving forward involves hurting someone she cares for. In New York Times bestselling author Maureen Johnson’s second novel of the Truly Devious series, nothing is free, and someone will pay for the truth with their life. 

Two authors that I've really enjoyed, and yeah, can't wait for these books! What about you guys? Happy reading!

WWW Wednesday #398, November 28th

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you'll read next?

Thanks to MizB of Should Be Writing now A Daily Rhythm for starting this meme!

I'm reading Fade to Black, and I'm really enjoying this Hollywood story! 
I read Hallow Be the Haunt, and it was great to see these two just before their wedding!
I'm going to be reading Pale as Death, and I can't wait because I (obviously!) really enjoy this series!

What about you guys? Happy reading!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Teaser Tuesday #398, November 27th

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by Ambrosia of The Purple Booker. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:
  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) "teaser" sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn't give too much away! You don't want to ruin the book for others!)
  • Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!
Today's teaser comes from Fade to Black by Heather Graham, page 236-237.

"Science fiction is really an interesting field, and I love it. There have been all kinds of studies done and people love it as a real escape-of course, a lot is really scientifically sound."

Yeah, I totally agree with this! Sci fi is awesome! What about you guys? Happy reading!

Monday, November 26, 2018

It's Monday! What Are You Reading #390, November 26th

It's Monday! What Are You Reading is a weekly meme hosted by Book Date where we share what we read this past week, what we hope to read this week...and anything in between! This is a great way to plan out your reading week and see what others are currently reading as never know where that next "must read" book will come from!

What happened in the past week:

Weekly Memes:
It's Monday! What Are You Reading #389
Teaser Tuesday #397
WWW Wednesday #397
WOW #393
Will the Time Come #390
Third Sentence Thursday #380
Random Reads #365
First Lines Friday #393
The Reward Challenge Update #375
Book Blogger Hop #59
How Well I Stuck to It #227
Wrote that Review Update #224

Week 47 Reviews:
Beautiful Sinner
The Queen's Resistance
The Keeper of the Mist

We Have the Cover of Argeneau #29!!!!
We Have the Cover of Crown of Shards #2!!!!
We Have the Cover of Cassie Palmer #9!!!!
Rebecca Ross Author Page

OK, so I got 21 posts in 7 days, and yeah, it was a pretty decent week, I really enjoyed reading it, read all 5 books in 2 days, which was fun! What about you guys? Happy reading!

So this week I want to read No Place Like Oz, The Witch Must Burn, The Wizard Returns, Heart of Tin, The Straw King, Ruler of Beasts, Order of the Wicked, Dark Side of the Rainbow, The Queen of OzDorothy Must Die, The Wicked Will Rise, Yellow Brick War, The End of Oz, Hallow be the Haunt, Fade to Black, Pale as Death, Echoes of Evil, and Haunted Be the Holidays.

In this digital original novella, Dorothy travels back to Oz to reunite with old friends, but her story may not have a happy ending. No Place Like Oz is a prequel to the forthcoming novel Dorothy Must Die.

After returning to Kansas, Dorothy Gale has realized that the dreary fields of Kansas don't compare to the vibrant landscapes of Oz. And although she's happy to be reunited with Aunt Em, she misses her friends from the yellow brick road. But most of all, Dorothy misses the fame and the adventure. In Kansas she's just another prairie girl, but in Oz she was a hero. So Dorothy is willing to do anything to get back, because there really is no place like Oz. But returning to the land she left comes at a price, and after Dorothy is through with it, Oz will never be the same.

Perfect for fans of Alex Flinn, Marissa Meyer, and Gregory Maguire, No Place Like Oz is a dark reimagining of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. Building off of its rich mythology, Danielle Paige creates an edgy, thrilling story for teens that chronicles the rise and fall of one of the literature's most beloved characters. This digital original novella is a prequel that sets the stage for the forthcoming novel Dorothy Must Die.
There's a new Wicked Witch in Oz—and her name is Dorothy. This digital original novella is the second installment in the prequel arc to the edgy and exciting New York Times bestseller Dorothy Must Die.

Dorothy Gale is back . . . and she's not the sweet little heroine of Oz anymore. She's power-hungry and vicious, and she leaves a trail of destruction beneath her spike-heeled, magical shoes. But behind the scenes, there's someone else pulling the strings. Someone who doesn't want fame or glory—just control.

Glinda of the North brought Dorothy back to Oz for a reason. And in The Witch Must Burn, a young maid is about to discover that a witch who says she's Good might be the most dangerous kind of Wicked.

The Witch Must Burn, by debut author Danielle Paige, is a dark and compelling reimagining of a beloved classic and is perfect for fans of Cinder by Marissa Meyer, Beastly by Alex Flinn, and Wicked by Gregory Maguire.
The Wizard left Oz in a hot air balloon—or did he? This digital original novella is the third installment in the prequel arc to the edgy and exciting New York Times bestseller Dorothy Must Die.

Dorothy Gale is back . . . and she's not the sweet little heroine of Oz anymore. She's power-hungry and vicious, and she leaves a trail of destruction beneath her spike-heeled, magical shoes. But she wasn't always in charge. There used to be a different ruler of Oz. Someone who also came from the Other Place, and who stole power for himself. They called him the Wizard.

The story goes that when a young Dorothy revealed the Wizard as a fraud, the man behind the curtain fled Oz in his hot air balloon. But in The Wizard Returns, he wakes in a field of poppies to find out that not only had he never left, but that he has no memory of who—or where—he is. As he undergoes a series of tests to uncover his memories, he finds that the very girl who threw him from the Emerald Palace is in control. And that Oz may be his destiny after all.
Everyone knows the Tin Woodman as Dorothy's lovable sidekick, the tin man who longed for a real heart to beat inside his tin chest. This digital original novella is the fourth installment in the prequel arc to the edgy and thrilling New York Times bestsellers Dorothy Must Die and The Wicked Will Rise, and tells what happened to the Tin Woodman after he got his wish.

In The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the Wizard gave the Tin Woodman a heart, and all lived happily ever after—or so the story goes. But in Heart of Tin, the heart wants what the heart wants—and the Tin Woodman's heart pines for Dorothy. The gift that the Wizard once bestowed on him turns twisted with longing. And when Dorothy returns to Oz with her own dark agenda, the Tin Woodman will do whatever it takes to help her rise to power—and to make her his.
Once upon a time, the Scarecrow's only wish was to have a brain. This digital original novella is the fifth installment in the prequel arc to the edgy and thrilling New York Times bestsellers Dorothy Must Die and The Wicked Will Rise and follows the Scarecrow after he finally gets his wish.

In The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the Scarecrow received the gift of a brain from the Wizard and was appointed the new ruler of Oz. In The Straw King, the Scarecrow's tale takes a crooked turn when his reign is threatened. With faith in his newfound wisdom shaken, the Scarecrow will turn to anyone who can help—even if others have their own interests at heart.
When the Cowardly Lion set off for the Emerald City in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz with Dorothy and the others, he sought courage above all else. This digital original novella is the sixth installment in the prequel arc to the edgy and thrilling New York Times bestsellers Dorothy Must Die and The Wicked Will Rise, and is the Lion's story after he got what he's always wanted.

The Lion's wish has finally come true—he is the courageous ruler of the forest and all of its beasts. But the Lion is bored—he misses the days of his adventures with Dorothy, the Tin Woodman, and the Scarecrow. When Glinda the Good Witch shows up unexpectedly and tasks him with a mission back in the Emerald City, he jumps at the chance to do something exciting, even though he knows she's not telling him the entire truth.
This digital original novella is the seventh installment in the series' prequel arc, and reveals how some members of the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked came to be.

Dorothy Gale's armies killed Lanadel's entire family, and she's determined to seek revenge. She sets off to find the elusive, secretive group known as the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked. They're rumored to be training their own army to defeat Dorothy. But when she finds them, Lanadel soon learns that she's seriously underprepared both in fighting skills, as well as magical abilities, and she has to prove herself in order to join the Order and become one of them.
Good is Wicked and Wicked is Good in the New York Times bestselling Dorothy Must Die series!

This digital original novella is the eighth installment in the series' prequel arc and reveals how the wonderful world of Oz began to crumble when Dorothy Gale returned—including Rainbow Falls, Oz's paradise hot spot.

Polychrome, Princess of the Rainbow, has a pretty cushy job. She spends her days surfing at Indigo Beach, playing with her pet unicorn, and occasionally checking in on the tourists vacationing at Rainbow Falls, where she is—technically speaking—in charge. When Dorothy arrives, Polly is less than thrilled. She'd much rather flirt with mysterious surfer Bright than play tour guide to a spoiled wannabe princess. But Rainbow Falls won't be paradise by the time Dorothy's done with it. And Polly may have to leave her life of leisure behind, to become the ruler her land needs.
Good is Wicked and Wicked is Good in the New York Times bestselling Dorothy Must Die series!

This digital original novella is the ninth and final installment in the series' prequel arc. It reveals the mysterious backstory of Ozma—and how she went from fairy princess to the rightful ruler of Oz.

Young Mombi was never the best witch in Oz. She wasn't the most talented, or the most powerful. But when the Wizard knocks on her door holding a baby girl who needs protection, Mombi agrees to take the job. She casts one powerful, surprising spell—hiding the baby where no one would find her. Years later, a boy named Pete goes on a journey to the Emerald City, where he learns the truth about his true identity…and his role in Oz's destiny.
I didn't ask for any of this. I didn't ask to be some kind of hero.

But when your whole life gets swept up by a tornado - taking you with it - you have no choice but to go along, you know?

Sure, I've read the books. I've seen the movies. I know the song about the rainbow and the happy little bluebirds. But I never expected Oz to look like this. To be a place where Good Witches can't be trusted, Wicked Witches may just be the good guys, and winged monkeys can be executed for acts of rebellion. There's still a yellow brick road - but even that's crumbling.

What happened? Dorothy.

They say she found a way to come back to Oz. They say she seized power and the power went to her head. And now no one is safe.

My name is Amy Gumm - and I'm the other girl from Kansas.

I've been recruited by the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked.

I've been trained to fight.

And I have a mission.
To make Oz a free land again, Amy Gumm was given a mission: remove the Tin Woodman's heart, steal the Scarecrow's brain, take the Lion's courage, and then Dorothy must die...

But Dorothy still lives. Now the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked has vanished, and mysterious Princess Ozma might be Amy's only ally. As Amy learns the truth about her mission, she realizes that she's only just scratched the surface of Oz's past—and that Kansas, the home she couldn't wait to leave behind, may also be in danger. In a place where the line between good and evil shifts with just a strong gust of wind, who can Amy trust—and who is really Wicked?
Once upon a time, there was a girl from Kansas named Dorothy.

You might know her as the Girl Who Rode the Cyclone. She ended up in Oz, where she became friends with the Tin Woodman, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion. But the temptation of magic was too much for her. She let it change her. Her friends became twisted versions of their former selves.

The magical land of Oz is now a dark and menacing place.

My name is Amy Gumm. Tornadoes must have a thing about girls from Kansas, because I got swept away on one too. I also landed in Oz, where Good is Wicked, Wicked is Good, and the Wicked Witches clued me in to my true calling:


The only way to stop Dorothy from destroying Oz—and Kansas—is to kill her. And I'm the only one who can do it.

But I failed. Others died for my mistakes. Because of me, the portal between the worlds has been opened and Kansas and Oz are both in danger. And if I don't find a way to close it?

Dorothy will make sure I never get to go home again.
Ding dong—Dorothy is dead.

I watched as the Emerald Palace crumbled to the ground, burying Dorothy, the Girl Who Rode the Cyclone, under the rubble. And now that the rightful ruler, Ozma, has been restored to the throne…

Oz is finally free.

My name is Amy Gumm. You might remember me as the other girl from Kansas. When a tornado whisked me away to the magical land of Oz, I was given a mission: Dorothy must die.

But it turns out girls from Kansas are harder to kill than we look.

Now the Road of Yellow Brick is leading me away from Oz to the dark world of Ev, where I have a new, powerful enemy to deal with: the Nome King. And—surprise—he has a gingham-clad bride.

With my magical shoes and a shrinking group of allies, I have one final chance to fulfill my mission, and save not only what's left of Oz, but Kansas, too. As the line between Good and Wicked blurs even further, I have to find a way to get rid of Dorothy once and for all—without turning into a monster myself.

Dorothy once said there's no place like home. Can I stop her from destroying mine?
Years ago, Jake Mallory fell in love all over again with Ashley Donegal—while he and the Krewe were investigating a murder that replicated a horrible Civil War death at her family's Donegal Plantation.

Now, Ashley and Jake are back—planning for their wedding, which will take place the following month at Donegal Plantation, her beautiful old antebellum home.

But Halloween is approaching and Ashley is haunted by a ghost warning her of deaths about to come in the city of New Orleans, deaths caused by the same murderer who stole the life of the beautiful ghost haunting her dreams night after night.

At first, Jake is afraid that returning home has simply awakened some of the fear of the past…

But as Ashley's nightmares continue, a body count begins to accrue in the city…

And it's suddenly a race to stop a killer before Hallow's Eve comes to a crashing end, with dozens more lives at stake, not to mention heart, soul, and life for Jake and Ashley themselves.
Where dreams go to die...

Starring in a cult TV show was a blessing for Marnie Davante, especially now that her former fame could support her future dream of starting a children's theater. So she'll work the convention circuit. But then a costar is brazenly murdered in front of her. With a killer who vanishes into thin air with seemingly inhuman skill, and strange events plaguing Marnie, she feels she can't even trust her own senses.

Although his dear departed parents were famous actors, PI Bryan McFadden is about as far from Hollywood as you can get. The former military man is reluctant to get involved in such a bizarre case, but it quickly becomes obvious that Marnie is in grave danger, and he is compelled to help. It's unclear if the killer is an obsessed fan or something more sinister. Could the show's cast be cursed? How can Bryan keep Marnie safe when it becomes apparent there's a force determined to make this her final curtain call?

The crime scene is horrific: the corpse of a young actress, drained of blood and cut in two. LAPD Detective Sophie Manning's new case is high-profile and difficult—there's no evidence to work with. And it's a disturbing echo of the infamous Black Dahlia killing. Sophie is burning the candle at both ends, desperate to catch the murderer before he strikes again, when she starts to experience inexplicable visits…from ghosts.

Bruce McFadden has a particular talent that can help Sophie—he can speak with the dead. As a consultant for the FBI's paranormal team, the Krewe of Hunters, he's been tasked with Sophie's case and they're forced to partner up. But Sophie doesn't want his help, and she doesn’t want to share his peculiar skill. And she certainly isn't ready for love, despite Bruce's attentions.

As the killer taunts the police, Sophie and Bruce will discover that the threat is closer to home than they'd ever realized. Working side by side is the only way they'll stop this deadly sequel.
Something lurks beneath the surface…

Brodie McFadden is supposed to be on vacation, getting some sunshine and deciding if he wants to join his brothers and the Krewe of Hunters, a special paranormal investigation unit of the FBI. But a diving excursion with an old navy buddy to a historic shipwreck uncovers a crime scene—and the corpse is new.

Museum curator Dakota "Kody" McCoy just wants her Key West culture festival to succeed. She's always had a deep connection to her home, including being regularly haunted by some of the resident ghosts. Then, in the middle of a performance, a beloved local musician drops dead. It seems accidental, but Kody isn't so sure.

Brodie thinks the recent deaths are linked, and he needs help from Kody. Something about her festival is dangerous. And the threat is creeping ever closer. Has she uncovered a treasure from the past that someone will kill for?
From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Heather Graham comes a new story in her Krewe of Hunters series…

When you're looking for the victim of a mysterious murder in a theater, there is nothing like calling on a dead diva for help! Krewe members must find the victim if they're to discover the identity of a murderer at large, one more than willing to kill the performers when he doesn't like the show.

It's Halloween at the Global Tower Theatre, a fantastic and historic theater owned by Adam Harrison and run by spouses of Krewe members. During a special performance, a strange actor makes an appearance in the middle of the show, warning of dire events if his murder is not solved before another holiday rolls around.

Dakota McCoy and Brodie McFadden dive into the mystery. Both have a special talent for dealing with ghosts, but this one is proving elusive. With the help of Brodie’s diva mother and his ever-patient father – who were killed together when a stage chandelier fell upon them – Dakota and Brodie set out to solve the case.

If they can't solve the murder quickly, there will be no Thanksgiving for the Krewe . . .

Rebecca Ross Author Page

The Story: I saw The Queen's Rising on Edelweiss, it sounded good so I got it, and I enjoyed it so much! And yeah, I enjoyed the 2nd book too!


Series: The Queen's Rising.

The Queen's Rising: The Queen's Rising and her site, my review, The Queen's Resistance and her site, my review.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

We Have the Cover of Cassie Palmer #9!!!!

Yeah, we have the cover of Brave the Tempest by Karen Chance!

We Have the Cover of Crown of Shards #2!!!!

Yes, we have the cover of Protect the Prince by Jennifer Estep! And it's so great!

We Have the Cover of Argeneau #29!!!!

Yeah, we have the cover of The Trouble With Vampires by Lynsay Sands!

Wrote that Review Update #224, November 25th

Create your own banner at!
If you want to participate, set a certain amount of reviews to write, and once you make that goal, you can get a reward!

My reviews to reward is writing all of the reviews of the week, and I motivated myself to write my review for Beautiful Sinner, Consumed, Dragonshadow, The Queen's Resistance, The Keeper of the Mist, so I have 5 of 5 reviews written!

And as always, I want to review this week's reviews!

What about you guys? Happy reading!

How Well I Stuck to It #227, November 25th

So I decided that I should have accountability on sticking to what should be in a week, so I'm doing How Well I Stuck to It every Sunday, because my schedule should be fixed in by now!

Week 48:
No Place Like Oz by Danielle Paige, The Witch Must Burn by Danielle Paige, The Wizard Returns by Danielle Paige, Heart of Tin by Danielle Paige, The Straw King by Danielle Paige, Ruler of Beasts by Danielle Paige, Order of the Wicked by Danielle Paige, Dark Side of the Rainbow by Danielle Paige, The Queen of Oz by Danielle Paige, Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige, The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige, Yellow Brick War by Danielle Paige, The End of Oz by Danielle Paige, Hallow be the Haunt by Heather Graham, Fade to Black by Heather Graham, Pale as Death by Heather Graham, Echoes of Evil by Heather Graham

Tour Books: NA.

Review Books: NA.

NetGalley: NA.

Edelweiss: NA.

Meme Books: NA.

Rereads: NA.

New Books: 17. Check.

Yeah, a bigger week, but it's only 2 series, and 10 of them are short stories. Can't wait to read them!

Week 47:
Dragonshadow by Elle Katherine White, The Queen's Resistance by Rebecca Ross


Beautiful Sinner by Sophie Jordan, Consumed by J.R. Ward, Dragonshadow by Elle Katherine White, The Queen's Resistance by Rebecca Ross, The Keeper of the Mist by Rachel Neumeier

Yeah, while this was a short week, I read all that I wanted to, yeah, and more! So yeah, this was a really amazing week! I'm so happy with it! What about you guys? Happy reading!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Week 47 Review: The Keeper of the Mist

From Goodreads:
Keri has been struggling to run her family bakery since her mother passed away.  Now the father she barely knew—the Lord of Nimmira—has died, and ancient magic has decreed that she will take his place as the new Lady. The position has never been so dangerous: the mists that hide Nimmira from its vicious, land-hungry neighbors have failed, and Keri's people are visible to strangers for the first time since the mists were put in place generations ago. 

At the same time, three half-brothers with their own eyes on the crown make life within the House just as dangerous as the world outside. But Keri has three people to guide her: her mysterious Timekeeper, clever Bookkeeper, and steadfast Doorkeeper. Together they must find a way to repair the boundary before her neighbors realize just how vulnerable Nimmira is.

My Review:
I loved reading this book! I totally wasn't planning on it, but the cover was so beautiful, and it was on a discount book site to buy really cheaply, and it sounded really good, so I had to read it! And it was just absolutely amazing to read!

First off, the world building is spectacular and beautiful! I loved the different countries and their histories, and the magic of Nimmira and how it works! So interesting! The different roles, the Timekeeper, Bookkeeper and the Doorkeeper, yeah, it was interesting how they worked!

Keri has a very fast crash course in this book on politics. She was the bastard daughter of the previous Lord, so she didn't grow up learning about ruling a country. But she puts on a good show, and is a quick study! She was so awesome!

This book was very weird and so enjoyable to read! I loved how everything, one after the other, happened, and how she made the best decisions that she could. Some very weird things happened, and yeah, made for an awesome ending!

This book was absolutely stunning, and I loved it so much! I definitely wouldn't mind a sequel in this world!

Author: Rachel Neumeier
Read: November 23rd, 2018
Source: Bought
Reason Why: Sounded really good, and it's a SAC 2018 Book!
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
Published: March 8th 2016
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

Week 47 Review: The Queen's Resistance

From Goodreads:
The highly anticipated sequel to The Queen's Rising!

Finally, Brienna is a mistress of knowledge and is settling into her role as the daughter of Davin MacQuinn, a disgraced lord who returned to Maevana to reclaim his house. Though she'd just survived a revolution, one that will finally return a queen to the throne, she faces another difficult challenge. She must prove herself trustworthy to the MacQuinns. But as Queen Isolde Kavanagh's closest confidant, she’ll have to balance serving her father’s house as well as her country. And then there's Cartier, a wholly separate but desirable factor in her new life.

Aodhan Morgane, formerly known as Cartier Évariste, is adjusting to the stark contrast between his pre-rebellion life in Valenia as a master of knowledge and his current one as the lord of a fallen house. During his castle's restoration, he discovers a ten-year-old boy named Tomas, whose past and parentage are a complete mystery. So when Cartier's former pupil Brienna is as taken with Tomas as he is, he lets his mind wander—what if he doesn't have to raise him or his house alone?

As the Lannon trial rapidly approaches, Brienna and Cartier must put their feelings aside to concentrate on forging alliances, executing justice, and ensuring that no one interferes with the queen's coronation. But resistance is rumbling among the old regime's supporters, who are desperate to find a weakness in the rebels' forces. And nothing makes a person more vulnerable than deep-seated love. 

My Review:
I loved reading this book! I loved the first one, and I couldn't wait to jump right back into this world again with these characters! And a bonus for this book, is that we get Cartier's perspective, so we get to see a lot more of this world!

The cast of characters grows in this book, but only one or two of them are what I'd consider main cast, most of them are supporting. But I think all of them have a role to play in this book, for good or for ill, so I enjoyed meeting all of them!

One thing that we really explored in this book, were the families. Sure, Brienna's birth family was bad, but she got adopted into a good one. And Cartier learns more about his family's history, which causes him to question who he is. It was so great to see their different perspectives!

This is the book were we learned more of the smaller cruelties, or the cruelties unreported, or the ones that happened to those that were considered insignificant. Some of these were important because of how they made people feel and react to them, others were important because they were directly impacting what was happening now. But they were all important.

Such a great read, so enjoyable! Just like The Queen's Rising, I don't know what the sequel will hold, but I'm excited to find out!

Author: Rebecca Ross
Series: The Queen's Rising #2
Read: November 23rd, 2018
Source: Edelweiss
Reason Why: Loved the first book, and it's a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2018 Book and a WoW Book!
Publisher: Harper Teen
Expected Publication: March 5th 2019
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Week 47 Review: Dragonshadow

From Goodreads:
The author of Heartstone once again infuses elements of Jane Austen's beloved novels with her own brand of magic in this addictive fantasy that brings back sparring lovers Aliza and Alastair: fierce warriors who match wits, charm, and swords as they fight an epic war to save their world

The Battle of North Fields is over—or so Aliza Bentaine, now a Daired, fervently wants to believe. But rumors are spreading of an unseen monster ravaging the isolated Castle Selwyn on the northern border of the kingdom. When she and Alastair are summoned from their honeymoon by the mysterious Lord Selwyn, they must travel with their dragon Akarra through the Tekari-infested Old Wilds of Arle to answer his call.

They are not alone on this treacherous journey. Shadowing the dragonriders is an ancient evil, a harbinger of a dark danger of which the Worm was only a foretaste, and soon Aliza realizes the terrible truth: the real war is only beginning. 

My Review:
Oh, wow, this book was so incredible! I absolutely loved the first book, and I was so excited to read this book! It was so fantastic and enjoyable, and I can't wait for the 3rd book! I was so glad to see Aliza and Alastair again!

In this book, we learned more about the history of their world, and how Dragonriders first started up, and a bit about the mysterious place where that one guy was from. A place that holds a hidden threat, and I think we're going to be going there in the next book, which I'm really anticipating!

The mystery in this book, of the monster and why they were doing what they were doing was very interesting. A good deal of this book was them traveling to Castle Selwyn, but once they were there, there were a number of mysterious events to get the bottom of!

That ending was pretty bittersweet. There was a huge cost, and it wasn't all action-based, there was a lot of politics. Plus there was a shocking confrontation that has pretty important implications, and I can't wait to see it all play out!

Loved this book so much, it was so incredible, and I can't wait to read more!

Author: Elle Katherine White
Series: Heartstone #2
Read: November 22nd, 2018
Source: Bought
Reason Why: Love her writing and this series, and it's a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2018 Book and a WoW Book!
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Published: November 20th 2018
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Week 47 Review: Consumed

From Goodreads:
From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the popular Black Dagger Brotherhood series comes a brand-new novel about arson investigator, Ann Ashburn, who is consumed by her troubled past, her family's scorched legacy, and her current case: chasing a deadly killer.

Anne Ashburn is a woman consumed...

By her bitter family legacy, by her scorched career as a firefighter, by her obsession with department bad-boy Danny McGuire, and by a new case that pits her against a fiery killer.

Strong-willed Anne was fearless and loved the thrill of fighting fires, pushing herself to be the best. But when one risky decision at a warehouse fire changes her life forever, Anne must reinvent not only her job, but her whole self.

Shattered and demoralized, Anne finds her new career as an arson investigator a pale substitute for the adrenaline-fueled life she left behind. She doesn't believe she will ever feel that same all-consuming passion for her job again--until she encounters a string of suspicious fires setting her beloved city ablaze.

Danny McGuire is a premiere fireman, best in the county, but in the midst of a personal meltdown. Danny is taking risks like never before and seems to have a death wish until he teams up with Anne to find the fire starter. But Danny may be more than a distraction, and as Anne narrows in on her target, the arsonist begins to target her.

From the creator of the bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood, get ready for a new band of brothers. And a firestorm. 

My Review:
I enjoyed this book! I have a kinda funny story about my reading pace of this book, but I did read it, and I enjoyed it tremendously! I do have one or two complaints, like the jargon and the nick names and references, they went over my head, but they were a small part of this book.

So I was reading this book, and the beginning was so intense, and I just devoured it. And then after they were healed and things had settled down, it did take a while to really get into it again, but yeah, once things started picking up the pace, I just read it so quickly!

The relationship between Anne and Danny is pretty intense. They were colleagues who slept together, and then experienced a very traumatic event together. I really enjoyed watching them work on their issues, because they both had an abundance of issues.

The mystery in this book was pretty on point. It's not really a murder mystery, it's an investigative one, and I think it's going to be a multi-book story arc, because there's still so many questions. I really want them to take down this bad guy, though!

Loved this book so much, and yeah, can't wait to see where this series is going to go!

Author: J.R. Ward
Series: Firefighters #1
Read: November 22nd, 2018
Source: Publisher through NetGalley
Reason Why: Sounded really good and I love her writing, and it's a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2018 Book!
Publisher: Gallery Books
Published: October 9th 2018
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Week 47 Review: Beautiful Sinner

From Goodreads:
Locked in with the town bad boy . . .

Most women would be scared, but Gabriella's only worried about resisting Cruz Walsh, who's even hotter than he was back in high school. Cruz was wrongly accused of the high-profile crime for which he was imprisoned; Gabriella's desperate for the scoop that will get her career off the ground and get her out of Sweet Hill, where everyone still remembers her as "Flabby Gabby." Being stuck in a supply closet with Cruz is the perfect opportunity to land an interview. What Bri doesn't count on is Cruz taking "up-close and personal" to a whole new level.

If there's a silver lining to the hell Cruz went through, it's that losing his freedom put everything in perspective. Maybe starting over someplace new would be easier, but after years locked up, Cruz values his family—and his true friends—more than ever. So he's back home, facing the gossip, dodging reporters . . . and face-to-face with Gabriella Rossi. They've both changed: Bri wants a story and Cruz just wants her. Another thing he's learned? Don't let a good thing slip away. 

My Review:
I enjoyed reading this book! It was so great, and it was a really connected sequel to Beautiful Lawman, since Cruz was the one who was locked up for killing the guy, and has now been released because of the events in that book. And Gabriella is a relative of the girl who died. Yeah.

The beginning of this book, with them being locked in the closet, was just hilarious! A series of accidents making things worse and worse, and the banter between them, was so great! Oh, and the simmering attraction as well!

I empathized with Gabriella. I didn't have a nickname or get picked on by the high school bully, but I did and do struggle with my weight. I really enjoyed watching her journey, watch her gain confidence that was well deserved! And her work-related journey was pretty great too!

Cruz has spent most of his adult life in prison. He was a bad boy before he went away, but he has some issues coming out. Like with reporters, after the way they treated him when he was imprisoned. And that Gabriella is one...yeah. Just more complications for them to work through!

This book was so fantastic, I really enjoyed reading it! And I wouldn't mind another book in this series, because it's so great!

Author: Sophie Jordan
Series: Devil's Rock #5
Read: November 22nd, 2018
Reason Why: Love her writing and this series, and it's a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2018 Book and a WoW Book!
Publisher: Avon
Published: October 30th 2018
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