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Teaser Tuesday #420, April 30th

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by Ambrosia of The Purple Booker. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:
  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) "teaser" sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn't give too much away! You don't want to ruin the book for others!)
  • Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!
Today's teaser comes from Den of Wolves by Juliet Marillier, page 151.

"They wouldn't believe she could gather enough food in the forest to keep her going, any more than they believed she could find her way home from any part of Wolf Glen, even the deepest and most remote areas of the woodland. The thought of that seemed to frighten her father."

But she can, or at least, she believes so. Sucks that her father is scared of her skills, but I remember why! What about you guys? Happy reading!

Monday, April 29, 2019

It's Monday! What Are You Reading #412, April 29th

It's Monday! What Are You Reading is a weekly meme hosted by Book Date where we share what we read this past week, what we hope to read this week...and anything in between! This is a great way to plan out your reading week and see what others are currently reading as well...you never know where that next "must read" book will come from!

What happened in the past week:

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Week 17 Reviews:
Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal
Storm Cursed
The Host
Magic Triumphs
Iron and Magic
The Brokenhearted
The Invisible
Dreamer's Well

Bree Barton Author Page
Kali Wallace Author Page

OK, so I got 21 posts in 7 days, it was a pretty decent week. Saw Endgame, and it was really fantastic! Also, wondering if there's a conspiracy theory over 2 major story arcs finishing in about a month, Avengers and Game of Thorns, with characters with the last name of Stark. Yeah, I'm weird. What about you guys? Happy reading!

So this week I want to read Cruel Fate, Tower of Thorns, Den of Wolves, The Fixer, The Long Game, Last Things, and Nocturna.

Three years after discovering that her biological parents are convicted serial killers, Olivia finally has her life back, and it's better than ever. She loves her new job, as investigator for notorious defense attorney Gabriel Walsh. She has Gabriel, too, as they settle in together, dividing their time between Chicago and Cainsville. Olivia's also settled into her role as the legendary Mallt-y-Nos to Cainsville’s fae population.

The only dream unfulfilled is seeing her father freed from jail, where he's been wrongly imprisoned for over twenty years. Now that wish is finally coming true. Todd Larsen is a free man. Someone, however, doesn't want him to stay that way. Todd may have been in prison for crimes he didn't commit, but there's one he did—the murder of a serial killer, whose death launched the chain of events that led to Todd’s incarceration.

Before Todd can settle in with Olivia and Gabriel, the body of his one and only victim surfaces, along with planted clues directing the police to their doorstep. Does someone have a personal grudge against Todd? Or is it a fae targeting Olivia with the one threat she can't ignore? Olivia needs to find out who’s behind this, before her father is ripped from her again…for good this time.
When strange things start happening to local music idol Anders Thorson, everyone blames his number-one-fan, Thea. But is she out to hurt him? Or protect him?

High school senior Anders Thorson is unusually gifted. His band, Last Things, is legendary in their northern Minnesota hometown. With guitar skills that would amaze even if he weren’t only eighteen, Anders is the focus of head-turning admiration. And Thea Malcom, a newcomer to the insular town, is one of his admirers. Thea seems to turn up everywhere Anders goes: gigs at the local coffeehouse, guitar lessons, even in the woods near Anders's home. When strange things start happening to Anders—including the disappearance of his beloved cat, then his sort-of girlfriend, and, somehow, his musical talent—blame immediately falls on Thea. But is she trying to hurt him? Or save him? Can he trust a girl who doesn't seem to know the difference between dreams and reality? And how much are they both willing to compromise to get what they want?
The first in a sweeping and epic own voices debut fantasy trilogy—set in a stunning Latinx-inspired world—about a face-changing thief and a risk-taking prince who must team up to defeat a powerful evil they accidentally unleashed. Perfect for fans of Tomi Adeyemi, Leigh Bardugo, and V. E. Schwab.

To Finn Voy, magic is two things: a knife to hold under the chin of anyone who crosses her…and a disguise she shrugs on as easily as others pull on cloaks.

As a talented faceshifter, it's been years since Finn has seen her own face, and that's exactly how she likes it. But when Finn gets caught by a powerful mobster, she's forced into an impossible mission: steal a legendary treasure from Castallan's royal palace or be stripped of her magic forever.

After the murder of his older brother, Prince Alfehr is first in line for the Castallan throne. But Alfie can't help but feel that he will never live up to his brother's legacy. Riddled with grief, Alfie is obsessed with finding a way to bring his brother back, even if it means dabbling in forbidden magic.

But when Finn and Alfie's fates collide, they accidentally unlock a terrible, ancient power—which, if not contained, will devour the world. And with Castallan's fate in their hands, Alfie and Finn must race to vanquish what they have unleashed, even if it means facing the deepest darkness in their pasts.

Kali Wallace Author Page

The Story: I saw Shallow Graves around, and then had a chance to get it from Edelweiss, so I read it, and loved it. Also had the chance to read Salvation Day and I really enjoyed it! I can't wait to read more from Kali Wallace!


Stand Alone's: Shallow Graves and her site, my review, The Memory Trees and her site, my review, Salvation Day and her site, my review, Last Train to Jubilee and her site, my review, Dead Space and her site, my review.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Wrote that Review Update #246, April 28th

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My reviews to reward is writing all of the reviews of the week, and I motivated myself to write my review for Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal, Storm Cursed, The Host, Magic Triumphs, Iron and Magic, The Brokenhearted and The Invisible, Dreamer's Well, so I have 7 of 7 reviews written!

And as always, I want to review this week's reviews!

What about you guys? Happy reading!

How Well I Stuck to It #249, April 28th

So I decided that I should have accountability on sticking to what should be in a week, so I'm doing How Well I Stuck to It every Sunday, because my schedule should be fixed in by now!

Week 18:
Cruel Fate by Kelley Armstrong, Tower of Thorns by Juliet Marillier, Den of Wolves by Juliet Marillier, The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, The Long Game by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Last Things by Jacqueline West, Nocturna by Maya Motayne

Tour Books: NA.

Review Books: NA.

NetGalley: NA.

Edelweiss: 2. Check.

Meme Books: NA.

Rereads: 4. Check.

New Books: 1. Check.

Yeah, this is a pretty great week, it's pretty balanced, and there's some pretty great books! Can't wait to read them!

Week 17:
Nothing Planned!


Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal by Forthright, Storm Cursed by Patricia Briggs, The Host by Stephanie Meyer, Magic Triumphs by Ilona Andrews, Iron and Magic by Ilona Andrews, The Brokenhearted by Amelia Kahaney, The Invisible by Amelia Kahaney, Dreamer's Well by Juliet Marillier

Yeah, I was free to read whatever I wanted, so I read a good number of books, so yeah, happy with this week, and I can't wait to read next week!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Week 17 Review: Dreamer's Well

From Goodreads:
Award-winning author Juliet Marillier "weaves magic, mythology, and folklore into every sentence on the page" (The Book Smugglers). Now she begins an all-new and enchanting series that will transport readers to a magical vision of ancient Ireland...

In exchange for help escaping her long and wrongful imprisonment, embittered magical healer Blackthorn has vowed to set aside her bid for vengeance against the man who destroyed all that she once held dear. Followed by a former prison mate, a silent hulk of a man named Grim, she travels north to Dalriada. There she'll live on the fringe of a mysterious forest, duty bound for seven years to assist anyone who asks for her help. 

Oran, crown prince of Dalriada, has waited anxiously for the arrival of his future bride, Lady Flidais. He knows her only from a portrait and sweetly poetic correspondence that have convinced him Flidais is his destined true love. But Oran discovers letters can lie. For although his intended exactly resembles her portrait, her brutality upon arrival proves she is nothing like the sensitive woman of the letters.

With the strategic marriage imminent, Oran sees no way out of his dilemma. Word has spread that Blackthorn possesses a remarkable gift for solving knotty problems, so the prince asks her for help. To save Oran from his treacherous nuptials, Blackthorn and Grim will need all their resources: courage, ingenuity, leaps of deduction, and more than a little magic.

My first review of Dreamer's Well
My Review:
Reading this book was just so fantastic! I love the world that is historical but with a touch-or sometimes a helping-of magic. The characters, yeah, both Blackthorn and Grim are scarred by the world, but they're still here and I loved reading about them!

Blackthorn and Grim are in a pretty tough spot in the beginning, seeing as they're in prison. Blackthorn is pretty angry, and rightfully so, given the crimes against her. I really enjoyed their dynamic, and knowing that they will get together, I enjoyed our first getting to know them again!

I pretty much remembered what happened in this book, at least with the plot with the Dreamer's Well. And the whole time, I was itching for them to get the souls in their correct bodies. I knew it didn't happen until the end, but I just wanted it to happen!

There was also the plot with the miller's daughter and the baker. I didn't quite remember what happened there, but I remember that certain bits were important, so I put it together again sooner than I did the first time!

Loved reading this book again and I can't wait to reread more!

Author: Juliet Marillier
Series: Blackthorn and Grim #1
First Read: October 23rd, 2016
Read: April 26th, 2019
Source: Ebook.bike
Reason Why: Rereading, and it's a Historical Fiction 2019 Book and Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2019 Book!
Publisher: Roc
Published: October 4th 2014
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

Week 17 Reviews: The Brokenhearted, The Invisible

From Goodreads:
A teenage girl is transformed into a reluctant superhero and must balance her old life with the dark secret of who she has become.

Prima ballerina Anthem Fleet is closely guarded by her parents in their penthouse apartment. But when she meets the handsome Gavin at a party on the wrong side of town, she is immediately drawn into his dangerous world. Then, in a tragic accident, Anthem falls to her death. She awakes in an underground lab, with a bionic heart ticking in her chest. As she navigates her new life, she uncovers the sinister truth behind those she trusted the most, and the chilling secret of her family lineage…and her duty to uphold it.

From Goodreads:
In the riveting sequel to the reimagined superhero story The Brokenhearted, Anthem Fleet takes on a powerful new villain and makes some startling discoveries about her family and her past that will forever change her.

Taking up where The Brokenhearted ended, the sequel finds Anthem Fleet attempting to return to a normal life after an experimental surgery that left her with a bionic hummingbird heart and a terrifying new strength. But she can't shake her suspicions about her father's connection to the Syndicate and she can't ignore the cries of help in the crime-ridden city of Bedlam. She finds new promise in her relationship with Ford, but after his lifesaving surgery, the Ford Anthem knew slips away. 

When a mysterious new group called "The Invisible" starts attacking the privileged North Siders, Anthem has to step up and be the New Hope that Bedlam needs, or Bedlam will fall…once and for all. 

My first review of The Brokenhearted, The Invisible
My Review:
I really enjoyed reading these books again! I love the world, and the way she could move after her illegal heart replacement. I don't think I enjoyed it quite as much as the first time, but there's something about the magic of reading a book for the first time that can't be recaptured, no matter if you hardly remember what's going to happen.

I enjoyed Anthem's story. She comes from privilege, and she knows she's sheltered, but she's tough, and she proves it over and over again, from what happened with her boyfriend, to getting a new heart, to fighting crime. Really enjoyed her story!

It's been a while, so I forgot the big twist at the end of The Invisible, but I did remember the one in The Brokenhearted. The later is more immediate, but the former has more implications. Yeah. That's why it's nice to reread books!

I think I read The Invisible a bit too fast, because I don't know why she'd just leave Jax alone with the doctor dude. Sure, she was in a hurry, but that death didn't have to happen. It packed a punch, but I don't think it had to happen, so I think I missed something, like there was more than one bad guy there...

It was so great to read these books, they were such great reads!

Author: Amelia Kahaney
Series: Brokenhearted #1, 2
First Read: November 10th, 10th, 2014
Read: April 24th, 25th, 2019
Source: Own
Reason Why: Rereading, and they're Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2019 Books!
Publisher: Harper Teen
Published: October 3rd 2013, October 7th 2014

The Brokenhearted:
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

The Invisible:
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

Week 17 Review: Iron and Magic

From Goodreads:
No day is ordinary in a world where Technology and Magic compete for supremacy…But no matter which force is winning, in the apocalypse, a sword will always work. 

Hugh d'Ambray, Preceptor of the Iron Dogs, Warlord of the Builder of Towers, served only one man. Now his immortal, nearly omnipotent master has cast him aside. Hugh is a shadow of the warrior he was, but when he learns that the Iron Dogs, soldiers who would follow him anywhere, are being hunted down and murdered, he must make a choice: to fade away or to be the leader he was born to be. Hugh knows he must carve a new place for himself and his people, but they have no money, no shelter, and no food, and the necromancers are coming. Fast. 

Elara Harper is a creature who should not exist. Her enemies call her Abomination; her people call her White Lady. Tasked with their protection, she's trapped between the magical heavyweights about to collide and plunge the state of Kentucky into a war that humans have no power to stop. Desperate to shield her people and their simple way of life, she would accept help from the devil himself—and Hugh d'Ambray might qualify. 

Hugh needs a base, Elara needs soldiers. Both are infamous for betraying their allies, so how can they create a believable alliance to meet the challenge of their enemies? 

As the prophet says: "It is better to marry than to burn." 

Hugh and Elara may do both. 

My first review of Iron and Magic
My Review:
Yeah, it was so great reading this book again! Knowing that they're going to be in Magic Triumphs-and how, it twas great to see the beginning of their story! All their bickering and getting one up on the other, all that maneuvering, it was so fantastic to read!

Knowing that they're going to face off against this enemy again, it was interesting to see what they were doing in this book, and makes me wonder what they did between this book and Magic Triumphs. Like, more of the same but in a different area, or what?

We do find out about Hugh's secrets, I think, in this book, with the barrels with the vampire eating microbe thing. But that's mostly because the threats they faced were the dragon guy's forces, and the Golden Legion and Landon, highest necromancer for Roland, not Elara's enemies, so there's that.

My only real question now is-what's going to happen in the next 2 books? Like what the synopsis says of book 2 is that it's Elara's. And true, we definitely have to explore her past, where her powers come from, and all that jazz, but I'm almost wondering if it's actually going to be set before or after the first book...

Also, their relationship has a long way to go from here to where it is in Magic Triumphs. Because while they're together, there's not that element of sweetness, of calmness, that it has. We also have to answer the question why Hugh wanted Elara to eat the whole chicken, as well!

Loved reading this so much, it's just a fantastic book!

Author: Ilona Andrews
Series: The Iron Covenant #1
First Read: June 26th, 2018
Read: April 24th, 2019
Source: Ebook.bike
Reason Why: Rereading, and it's a 2019 Dystopia Book and a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2019 Book!
Publisher: NYLA
Published: June 26th 2018
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

Week 17 Review: Magic Triumphs

From Goodreads:
Mercenary Kate Daniels must risk all to protect everything she holds dear in this epic, can't-miss entry in the thrilling #1 New York Times bestselling urban fantasy series.

Kate has come a long way from her origins as a loner taking care of paranormal problems in post-Shift Atlanta. She's made friends and enemies. She's found love and started a family with Curran Lennart, the former Beast Lord. But her magic is too strong for the power players of the world to let her be.

Kate and her father, Roland, currently have an uneasy truce, but when he starts testing her defenses again, she knows that sooner or later, a confrontation is inevitable. The Witch Oracle has begun seeing visions of blood, fire, and human bones. And when a mysterious box is delivered to Kate's doorstep, a threat of war from the ancient enemy who nearly destroyed her family, she knows their time is up.

Kate Daniels sees no other choice but to combine forces with the unlikeliest of allies. She knows betrayal is inevitable. She knows she may not survive the coming battle. But she has to try.

For her child.

For Atlanta.

For the world. 

My first review of Magic Triumphs
My Review:
Wow, loved reading this book again! I mean, it's the end of a series that I've come to love dearly, and it's hard to say goodbye, but man, did it go out on a high note! It was so adorable to see baby Conlan, and seeing Kate as a first time mom.

I remembered who died, since it hasn't been that long since I first read it. So there were some tough blows, like Adora and Saiman. Adora, it's hard because we only met her in the last book. Saiman, because he's been in the series since the first novella, before Curran was introduced.

The final battle, that was pretty intense. And they used their time wisely, because man, did they face a big threat! And then when Roland turned on her, well, Kate was ready for it, and that was a satisfying conclusion! As was how she was kept alive! Everybody did their part! It was such a fantastic ending!

Sure, there's still things that could happen in the future, like Erra being alive, and Julie hanging out with her. There's the potential that Hugh will heal Dali. I think Kate and Curran have earned some peace and quiet to raise their son, but I'd love to spend more time in this world!

Loved this book so much, and I'm eager for more of the Iron Covenant series, and just plain eager for more Ilona Andrews books!

Author: Ilona Andrews
Series: Kate Daniels #10
First Read: August 28th, 2018
Read: April 24th, 2019
Source: Ebook.bike
Reason Why: Rereading, and it's a 2019 Dystopia Book, End of Series 2019 Book, Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2019 Book!
Publisher: Ace
Published: August 28th 2018
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

Week 17 Review: The Host

From Goodreads:
Melanie Stryder refuses to fade away. The earth has been invaded by a species that take over the minds of human hosts while leaving their bodies intact. Wanderer, the invading "soul" who has been given Melanie's body, didn't expect to find its former tenant refusing to relinquish possession of her mind.

As Melanie fills Wanderer's thoughts with visions of Jared, a human who still lives in hiding, Wanderer begins to yearn for a man she's never met. Reluctant allies, Wanderer and Melanie set off to search for the man they both love.

My first review of The Host
My Review:
It was so great to read this book again! This is about the 3rd time that I've read this book, and yeah, it's enjoyable every time. I wish that we could've gotten the sequels, because it would've been awesome to explore more of this world, spend more time with these characters, but this book stands alone.

On one hand, what the souls do, taking over bodies, is pretty parasitic. On the other, they do improve the worlds they're living on. Just as the expense of those that were ruining said worlds. You'd think that the spiders or something would build mechanically bodies. They could build a biological brain, couldn't they? And for coma patients who just won't wake up, or something? So they're not stealing bodies anymore.

That scene where Wanda finds Doc after he's tried to extract a soul from its host...yeah, that hit hard. Especially since the soul was apparently just a baby, not that he would know how to tell, I don't think. I can totally understand why she reacted the way that she did.

I loved how Wanda first fell in love with Melanie's loved ones. And then as she spent time with them, with other humans. Like Ian. She learned more about humans, and they learned more about souls. And while that ending meant for a lot of confusing feelings sometimes, I think it was worth it!

Loved this book, it's just a really great read!

Author: Stephanie Meyer
First Read: 2010
Second Read: March 25th, 2013
Read: April 23rd, 2019
Source: Own
Reason Why: Rereading! And it's a 2019 Dystopia Book and a SAC 2019 Book!
Publisher: Little Brown and Company
Published: May 6th 2008
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

Week 17 Review: Storm Cursed

From Goodreads:
In this new instalment in the No. 1 New York Times bestselling series, Mercy Thompson must face a deadly enemy to defend all she loves . . . 

My name is Mercedes Athena Thompson Hauptman, and I am a car mechanic.

And a coyote shapeshifter . . . And the mate of the Alpha of the Columbia Basin werewolf pack.

Even so, none of that would have gotten me into trouble if, a few months ago, I hadn't stood upon a bridge and taken responsibility for the safety of the citizens who lived in our territory. It seemed like the thing to do at the time. It should have only involved hunting down killer goblins, zombie goats, and an occasional troll. Instead, our home was viewed as neutral ground, a place where humans would feel safe to come and treat with the fae.

The reality is that nothing and no one is safe. As generals and politicians face off with the Gray Lords of the fae, a storm is coming and her name is Death.

But we are pack, and we have given our word. We will die to keep it.

My first review of Storm Cursed
My Review:
This book was just so fantastic, so amazing, and yeah, I just had to read it again! I knew after I finished reading it the first item, that I would have to read it again, to pick up the small details that I missed the first time. I didn't expect to read it again so soon-and before it was published-but I had a free week, so I had to read it!

So like Burn Bright, this book takes events that happened in previous entries of the series, and brings them together. The Harvesty witch family, we learned in Burn Bright, had been the silent partners in the events of Moon Called. But that's not all the trouble they've caused our gang. As we learned what they've done, what they were doing, it felt like the story lines were being pulled tighter together, to form a tapestry of a story arc, one that's coming to a climax. I can't wait for that to happen! Though I wouldn't necessarily want the series to end!

Honestly, even after reading this book before, I was still surprised at how nefarious and plotting the bad guys were. Their planning just took the cake, of how many ways that they could win. It was pretty relentless!

There's one big change in the lineup of allies that Mercy has to call on. It's not an insurmountable gap, but it's going to noticed and felt. Especially for the reason why the change happened. Which is getting really deep into spoiler territory, so I'm going to stop now.

Ok, there's this one funny line that I have to quote, but I won't put it fully out, because I don't want to spoil. "'Okay,' said Person, cheerfully. 'Happy to oblige by distracting the blank with my grisly remains.'" Yeah. This is just too funny to me!

Loved reading this book so much, and I can't wait for more from this world!

Author: Patrica Briggs
Series: Mercy Thompson #11
First Read: March 26th, 2019
Read: April 22nd, 2019
Source: NetGalley copy again
Reason Why: Rereading because I needed to, and it's a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2019 Book!
Publisher: Ace
Expected Publication: May 7th 2019
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

Week 17 Review: Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal

From Goodreads:
She wasn't aware of her gift's significance, yet he expects to be courted. 

Kimiko enrolls at the In-between's prestigious new high school, which is designed to promote the integration of the human and inhuman races. As a reaver, she's supposed to act as peacemaker, bridging a formidable cultural gap, but the other two members of her triad don't need any help in that department. Akira and Suuzu have been friends since middle school. Instead, the boys must rally behind Kimiko when she inadvertently initiates a courtship with Eloquence Starmark.

My first review of Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal
My Review:
Oh, man, this book was so freaking great, I just had to read it again! And just like the first book, it was easier to unpack everything that was going on, since I knew what was going to happen, so I could slow down, and really pick up on the details!

The main plot was the accidental proposal. I just find it so sweet and adorable how that all came about, as well as their courtship. How they had their go-betweens, and that she had to act the boy, and Eloquence the girl. I just love thinking about it!

There was also updates with Akira and Suuzu, with the nest that they want to build together. That Akira might not recognize the significance of-and I think I have an idea of what it is, but I'm not quite there.

Oh, and then there's the dragon who is going after Reaver girls. And Tenma with his strange ability. And Inti, who is apparently working undercover for Argent. There was just so much going on, and it was so delightful!

Loved this book so much, and I can't wait to read more of this series!

Author: Forthright
Series: Amaranthine Saga #2
First Read: January 7th, 2019
Read: April 21st, 2019
Source: Ebook.bike
Reason Why: Rereading, and it's a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2019 Book!
Publisher: Twinkle Press
Published: October 22nd 2018
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

Friday, April 26, 2019

Book Blogger Hop #81, April 26th

The Book Blogger Hop was originally created by Jennifer from Crazy-For-Books in March 2010 and ended on December 31, 2012. With Jennifer's permission, I relaunched the meme on February 15, 2013. Check out the hop here

Each week the hop will start on a Friday and end on Thursday. There will be a weekly prompt featuring a book related question. The hop's purpose is to give bloggers a chance to follow other blogs, learn about new books, befriend other bloggers, and receive new followers to your own blog.

The Question of the week is: At the end of a hard day, how do you get yourself psyched about writing a book review? (submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer)

Usually, I end up not writing the review. Bad me. I try to write reviews, listen to music that makes me want to write them, but sometimes I can't write them while listening to music. It's confounding. I also try to get a small period of time, like during commercials, to write reviews, which helps. What about you guys? Happy reading!

The Reward Challenge Update #397, April 26th

The Reward Challenge is almost the complete opposite to a book buying ban as you'll end up buying lots of new books throughout the challenge but only after you've completed a certain amount of reading. It was hosted by Good Golly Miss Holly, so thanks to her for starting it!

OK, so I read Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal which counts twice as a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2019 Book, Storm Cursed which counts twice as a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2019 Book, The Host which counts 3 times as a 2019 Dystopia Book and a SAC 2019 Book, Magic Triumphs which counts 4 times as a 2019 Dystopia Book, End of Series 2019 Book and Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2019 Book, Iron and Magic which counts 3 times as a 2019 Dystopia Book and a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2019 Book, The Brokenhearted which counts twice as a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2019 Book, The Invisible which counts twice as a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2019 Book, Dreamer's Well which counts 3 times as a Historical Fiction 2019 Book and Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2019 Book.

So I have 21 counts which translates to $10.50 this week! I'll use it to buy books!

First Lines Friday #415, April 26th

First Lines Friday is a bookish meme hosted by Literary Marie of Precision Reviews. We encourage all of our fellow book bloggers and bookhearts to play along.

-Grab your current read(s)
-Share the first line(s)
-Include the title and author so that other FLF participants can add the book to their TBR Lists!

"I fished out the rusty nail from under my pallet and scratched another mark on the wall. Tomorrow would be midsummer, not that a person could tell rain from shine in this cesspit. I'd been here a year. A whole year of filth and abuse and being shoved back down the moment I lifted myself so much as an inch. Tomorrow, at last, I'd get my chance to speak out. Tomorrow I would tell my story. In the darkness of the cell opposite, Grim began muttering. A moment later the door down at the guard post creaked open. How Grim could tell the guards were coming before we heard them was a mystery, but he always knew. The muttering was a kind of shield. At night, when the place belonged to us prisoners, he spoke more sense." -Dreamer's Pool by Juliet Marillier

Well, that is pretty dark but maybe a bit of light! Must reread more! What about you guys? Happy reading!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Random Reads #388, April 25th

Random Reads is a monthly meme (that I'm going to do weekly) hosted by I'm Loving Books to read some books that have been on our TBR piles for a long time. Using Random.org, I got 1497 which turned out to be Blue Diablo by Ann Aguirre! It's been on my TBR pile since July 29th, 2011, and I added it because I enjoy her writing! Happy reading!

Third Sentence Thursday #402, April 25th

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Third Sentence Thursday is a weekly meme which likes to watch fireworks especially while eating a cookie!
1) Take the book you are currently reading and open it to a random page. Share the third full sentence on that page. (If there isn't a third one – like at the end of a chapter or a blank page – you can share the third sentence of the book or just choose another random page.) Feel free to share more than one sentence, if you feel the need to do so.
2) Review this sentence anyway you want (funny and silly reviews encouraged)
3) Post a link to your sentence at Words I Write Crazy (This Blog)
4) Visit one or two of the other blogs to check out their third sentences!

"Her explanation is that she received an anonymous tip." -The Invisible by Amelia Kahaney, page 251.

Sounds good. Ok. That's all I have to say.

What are your guy's 3rd lines? Link up below!

Will the Time Come #412, April 25th

Every Thursday I am going to list a book which I really want to read/keep meaning to get to. These are mostly books which have been on my shelf for awhile now but don't have to be, maybe you got it two weeks ago and really want to read it! Thanks to Jodie from Books for Company for this meme!
Want to Join?
-Pick a book you have been meaning to read
-Do a post telling us about the book    
-Link the post up in the linky  
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Dear Mom,

I might be a wee bit late for Cousin Missy’s wedding. It’s been a tough week. Turns out, my blind date from hell was literally from hell. Guy bit me. Next thing I know, I’m being chased all over the city by vampire hunters. And did I mention that I got fired, too?

Bright side-I met a man. Thierry de Bennicoeur. How great is that name? Anyway, he’s sexy, six-hundred years old, and a tad suicidal, but no one’s perfect, right? And we have a deal-he’s gonna show me the ropes of the vampire world, and I’m supposed to help him end his existence. Or maybe I’ll just try to convince him life is worth living – no small challenge with the mostly immortal, let me tell you. I’ll admit it’s a complicated relationship. But with any luck, I just might have a date for that wedding after all…

Hugs and Kisses,


Why the time hasn't come yet...
Same old story, I haven't seen it around, so I'm not reminded to read it. But it sounds great, so hopefully soon, I'll read it! What about you guys? Happy reading! 

Bree Barton Author Page

The Story: Heart of Thorns was on Goodreads and it sounded really good, and so when it was on Edelweiss, I got it, and yeah, it was really great and I can't wait for more!


Series: Heart of Thorns.

Heart of Thorns: Heart of Thorns and her site, my review, Tears of Frost and her site, my review, Soul of Cinder and her site.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Waiting on Wednesday #415, April 24th

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating!

The Evil Queen by Gena Showalter
Expected Publication: June 25th, 2019
From Goodreads:
Classic fairy tales are turned on their heads as strong heroines take charge and save the princes and the world in this magical action and romance-filled trilogy from the New York Times bestselling author of the Everlife novels and the White Rabbit Chronicles, beginning with a teen prophesied to become the Evil Queen from Snow White who refuses to be pigenonholed into her destiny.

Far, far away, in the magical realm of Enchantia, creatures of legend still exist, magic is the norm, and fairytales are real. Except, fairytales aren’t based on myths and legends of the past—they are prophecies of the future. Though Princess Everly Morrow was brought to the mortal realm as an infant, she knows she’s destined to rule a kingdom in Enchantia, thus fulfilling a beloved fairytale. But which one?

At seventeen, when an ability to commune with mirrors manifests, she begins to suspect the truth, and it’s more sinister than anyone ever realized…

She is destined to be Snow White’s greatest enemy, the Evil Queen.

With powers beyond her imagination or control—and determined to prove herself good—Everly returns to the land of her birth, smack dab in the middle of the creepiest forest of all time. There, Everly meets Roth Charmaine, the supposed Prince Charming. Their attraction is undeniable, but their relationship is doomed. As bits and pieces of the prophecy unfold, Everly faces one betrayal after the other, and giving in to her dark side proves more tempting every day. Soon, she will have to choose. Be a hero and walk away, or become the queen—and villain—of her dreams.

The battle between good and evil is on! 

Wherever She Goes by Kelley Armstrong
Expected Publication: June 25th, 2019
From Goodreads:
When it's your word against everyone else's--what do you do?

Bree Finch has fallen on some troubled times: her marriage has ended, she's separated from her young daughter, Charlotte, and she's haunted by a past she can't escape. Routine helps, and every afternoon, during her lunch break, Bree goes for a jog in the park near her office. It's the same every day: the same route, the same mothers with their children, the same people walking their dogs.

One day, during her jog, she spots a young boy a bit older than Charlotte, a boy she saw just the day before with his mother. But his mother is nowhere to be seen now. Nervous, Bree watches the boy as he wanders into the parking lot. And then she watches as a man grabs the boy, forcing him into an SVU. She watches as the boy cries and screams for his mother. She watches as the man slams the door shut, revs the engine and takes off. 

She runs after them into traffic, and tries to take a photo, but can't. The SVU is gone.

Bree can't deny what she's seen, and she can't get the little boy or his screams out of her head. But, she's the only one who believes that she witnessed the kidnapping of a child. No one else at the park saw the boy or someone snatching him, and she can't give a detailed description of the child. The police don't believe her, nor does her estranged husband, with whom she has a tense and complicated relationship. Instead, they begin asking Bree the questions: Why is she always alone in the park? Why does she spend so much time there? Does she realize that she makes the other mothers nervous, with the way she watches them and their children?

Then, days later, a woman is murdered--and Bree is the first person the police talk to. 

Not because they think she may have witnessed something. 

Not because they believe her about the kidnapped boy. 

Because she's their main suspect.

Soul of the Sword by Julie Kagawa
Expected Publication: June 25th, 2019
From Goodreads:
One thousand years ago, a wish was made to the Harbinger of Change and a sword of rage and lightning was forged. Kamigoroshi. The Godslayer. It had one task: to seal away the powerful demon Hakaimono.

Now he has broken free.

Kitsune shapeshifter Yumeko has one task: to take her piece of the ancient and powerful scroll to the Steel Feather temple in order to prevent the summoning of the Harbinger of Change, the great Kami Dragon who will grant one wish to whomever holds the Scroll of a Thousand Prayers. But she has a new enemy now. The demon Hakaimono, who for centuries was trapped in a cursed sword, has escaped and possessed the boy she thought would protect her, Kage Tatsumi of the Shadow Clan.

Hakaimono has done the unthinkable and joined forces with the Master of Demons in order to break the curse of the sword and set himself free. To overthrow the empire and cover the land in darkness, they need one thing: the Scroll of a Thousand Prayers. As the paths of Yumeko and the possessed Tatsumi cross once again, the entire empire will be thrown into chaos. 

Yeah, 3 amazing books, I love these authors and I can't wait to read these books! And yeah, I have an ARC of The Evil Queen, yeah! So happy for these books! What about you guys? Happy reading!

WWW Wednesday #419, April 24th

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you'll read next?

Thanks to MizB of Should Be Writing now A Daily Rhythm for starting this meme!

I'm currently reading Iron and Magic, and yeah, really enjoying Hugh and Elara again! 
I read Magic Triumphs, and yeah, really enjoyed reading the end of the series again!
I'm going to be reading The Brokenhearted, and I can't wait, I really enjoyed it the first time!

What about you guys? Happy reading!