Sunday, August 13, 2017

My June and July, like Dobby

So I feel like I should write this post, and yeah, I've been meaning to do so for a while. I've fallen behind on both my reviews and my meme posts. So I wanted to say sorry, opps, and to give an explanation.

Looking back at these two months, I know that I was stressed. There was a lot going on, both planned, and not so planned. Like, I had my convocation ceremony in June. So I now have my diploma, which took me 5 years for a 2 year program. Oh, well, I finally finished!

But I also had my computer crap out on me, and I spent most of the day trying to fix it, including taking it apart, which was very interesting, to say the least, because this computer is 5 years old, and I break things very easily, and I have doggies getting their hair everywhere. So that was a fun, stressful time!

Another big thing that was planned, was the doggie's annual vet check up. Dobby had a suspicious lump right where he had cancer before, and the family was worried that this new one was cancer, again. The vet agreed that Dobby should have that lump removed (he, and Winky, have a ton of lumps that are just fat lumps.)

Dobby's had cancer before. I'm not sure how much I've said about it before here, so I'll do the whole story. He had a lump on his leg, we took him for his annual check up (we go to the vet once a year sometime in the summer) and since the lump had been growing, the vet decided to take a sample while they were under for their first teeth cleaning. The results meant that a surgery was scheduled, and it went fine, and he healed well. Fast forward and it seems like there's a new lump growing, so the vet opened him up again, and also removed a fat lump from a different leg. Turns out that what we thought was a suspicious lump had been a inner stitch. Which was good, but he'd still had surgery again, and had to go through the whole process, as well as having the scar be more defined. And that now, he had a new cancer lump in the same area, just a few years later...not fun!

So that was very stressful, I was at school when Dobby had his last surgery, but this time, I was at the vet for the appointment, and I dropped him off-he was so scared! And I was there to pick him up. He was so groggy and out of it, and so yeah, here are some pictures with blood, so be warned!

Some pictures with blood in them below the line!

So this is what he looked like after we brought him home, he didn't want to move, he was groggy, and not quite in pain. We were careful, but he moved more than we wanted him to, and he yelped a time or two. Not pleasant for any of us!

Winky is afraid of him at first in it, especially since he doesn't get how much space the thing actually took up.
This is a close up of the surgery site, the cloth was to pick up blood that was coming out. Apparently he didn't bleed as much last time, but this time, the cut was larger, because the vet wanted to make sure everything bad was taken out. Also, he has the dog print wrap because he also had an IV this time, because he's an older dog, 9 years now.

This was a very stressful time for me-I was relieved that the lump was gone, but I didn't want him to be in pain. Also, he wasn't allowed to jump, or go up and down stairs, for the first few days, so we had to pick him up and move him each time. Of course, that didn't go so well, since a) the location of the surgery made it hard to pick him up without disturbing the whole leg, and b) we had family come over the day after the surgery, and my uncle has a young dog that both Dobby and Winky had played with not so long ago. But now, Dobby couldn't walk well, let alone run. So I took him inside, and he whined and whined, and I eventually took him out, and yeah, he started going up and down stairs. Thankfully, nothing happened with his stitches.
 And this is him about 2 weeks later, the scar has healed nicely, and we've removed the stitches, and of course, the cone of shame!
He healed well, and it doesn't seem to bug him. My only worry about him now, is that since the muscle was excised a bit, to make sure all the cancer was taken out, that the whole area is a bit bumpy. So if it comes back again, it'll be a while before we notice, and that could lead to some really bad scenarios. So of course I'm worried about that, but it's more of a far off, potential, then a reality, so for now, things have gone back to normal now!

So I just wanted to explain these events of the last 2 months, and that slowly but surely, I'll catch up with everything! Thanks for your patience! Happy reading!


  1. Aww, poor doggie. With all that stuff going on, I wouldn’t have had time to blog, either.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Yeah, poor Dobby! I already had most of the posts already scheduled, but they didn't have the actual fill in content, like what I was reading and such.


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