About Me, My Blog, and Schedule

Me. Huh. This is a strange topic! Half because I am strange, half because well, I don't usually go around talking about myself!

1. Love reading. Books are the best! I have over 5000 books on my shelves, and I've got another 2000 read, so a total of 7000 books that I have one way or another, if they are out!

2. I love my doggies, Dobby and Winky! They're the cutest, cuddle-est dogs around! They're were born on March 10th, 2008 and they are Boston Terrier Beagle cross breeds named after the Harry Potter house elves. See?

On January 1st, 2019, we unfortunately had to put Winky down. I wrote a post about it.
That's Winky, and Dobby's head is in the bottom right corner! Silly butt!!
Dobby still being a silly butt!
Aww, they look so silly with their ears flipped!
I had Winky trapped so I could get some pictures of her!
Dobby is a chicken baby-a chick-he ran away from me and hid under the desk in the office! Still being a silly butt!
And he's really curious. And weird. Yep.

About my blog:

1. Words I Write Crazy is a book blog with reviews and weekly memes. Some of the posts I do in a week are:

Sunday: Nothing
Monday: It's Monday! What Are You Reading?
Tuesday: Teaser Tuesday
Wednesday: WWW Wednesday and Waiting on Wednesday
Thursday: Will the Time Come, Third Sentence Thursday, and Random Reads
Friday: First Lines Friday, Follow Friday, The Reward Challenge, Any Updates in some Challenges
Saturday: Reviews
Sunday: How Well I Stuck to It and Wrote that Review

I read a lot, so most of the time, there'll be at least seven reviews. Usually. To have an idea of what I read, check out my A-G reviews, my H-Q reviews, my R-# reviews, my What I'm Reading weekly page, and the sidebar of Up for Review books!

2. I do accept all sorts of books, for more information, check out my Review Request Policy for more information. Yep. Requests are currently closed.

3. I can't think of anything else. Books should just about cover everything! Yep.

Hope you like my blog, and happy reading!