Saturday, October 29, 2016

Week 44 Review: Death Thieves

From Goodreads:
You're dead, Summer Dawn Rae.

When Summer Rae is stolen from the moment of her own death and taken to a future where mankind is dying, it is with the hope that she, and other teenagers like her, can save it. But after only a short time in the future, Summer discovers a darker side to the altruistic reasons behind her abduction. She is determined to fulfill her purpose in a world gone literally mad, but can an ordinary girl save a whole world when she only cares about saving one person? 

My Review:
This book was really awesome! I've previously read-and enjoyed-a Julie Wright book, which is why I read this one. And yeah, this book was really fantastic! I loved the world, these characters, and yeah, the injustice made my blood boil!

I loved the world building! What with the time jumps in the middle, we had very quick, but a very broad slice of what life was life in plenty of years. Like the cupboards cleaned the dishes, more effectively than dishwashers, and with less waste, too! That was awesome and hilarious!

Summer was taken from her life-and death-of 2010, and taken to 2100's. So be a brood mare, basically, but she fell in love with Tag, a solider who was infected and if she was with him, their kids might be crazies. Yeah, she was defiant like that!

Things were pretty horrible in the future! That kids were killed when they reached age 3 if they were crazy, and infertility, and stealing people from their deaths to repopulate the future, and a whole bunch more, not cool! But I really enjoyed how everything worked out!

This book was just utterly fantastic and so enjoyable! I loved reading it, so much!

Author: Julie Wright
Read: October 23rd, 2016
Source: Ebooks for Review, Review Copy
Reason Why: Loved her other book, and it's a 2016 Dystopia Book and a SAC 2016 Book!
Publisher: Heart Stone Press
Published: August 27th 2016
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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