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Week 10 Review: Taken by Storm

From Goodreads:
Bryn knows first-hand that being the alpha of a werewolf pack means making hard decisions, and that being human makes things a thousand times worse. She's prepared to give up her humanity, but the wolf who promised to Change her is waiting - though for what, Bryn doesn't know. Still human, she must take her place in the werewolf Senate, the precarious democracy that rules the North American packs. Standing side by side with werewolves who were ancient long before she was ever born is enough of a challenge, but Bryn soon learns that the Senate has been called to deal with a problem: the kind of problem that involves human bodies, a Rabid werewolf, and memories that Bryn, Chase, and the rest of their pack would rather forget. With bodies stacking up and political pressure closing in from all sides, Bryn and her pack are going to have to turn to old enemies and even older friends for help - especially when it starts to look like this time, the monster might be one of their own.

My first review of Taken by Storm
My Review:
Oh, this was such a heartbreaking, wonderful book! I mean, it has so many things, like worry that it's Maddy who's the rabid, and then when it turns out who it is? The same rabid that turned Maddy, Chase, and the majority of Bryn's pack. So there was that.

There was also the fact that Maddy's pregnant, and due to give birth any day. And that Shay, and the other Alphas, want Maddy, because she's a female werewolf, and very valuable. And then there's the whole twin werewolves, and the only reason why there were female werewolves, because there was a male twin in the womb keeping the female alive. Guess who turns out to be the rabid's twin?

None other then Devon and Shay's mom. And that the only way to kill the rabid is to kill the living twin. Or is it? Because the living twin can hurt the dead twin, so that was a relief! And then there was all the deaths in the end.

I really hated Shay then, that he had Jed killed, and then had Chase killed. And was willing to let Maddy's baby die. A female werewolf, born by herself, and yet, still alive. That just goes to show just how evil he was.

But Bryn defeated him in the end, and Devon killed him, and took over as Alpha for his pack. So that was a bittersweet ending. Oh, and with the absolute ending being Byrn being turned? Yeah, I really want a second arc with Byrn as a werewolf!!!

I loved this book, and yeah, like I said, I really, really, really want to have more books in this series, more books about Byrn and her pack, to see how she was a werewolf, how it was different, because yeah, that's interesting stuff!!!

Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Series: Raised by Wolves #3
First Read: October 13th, 2012
Read: March 5th, 2014
Source: Own
Reason Why: Rereads! And it's a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2014 Book and a End of  Series 2014 Book!
Publisher: EgmontUS
Published: May 22nd 2012
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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