Saturday, February 25, 2012

Week 8 Reviews: Legacy, Spellbound

From Goodreads:
Destined to Fail
Holly Cathers and her twin cousins, Amanda and Nicole, are college students who are also the last descendants of the medieval witches of the House of Cahors. Forming a new coven, they ally themselves with the forces of light and set out to end the vendetta that has ruled -- and ruined -- their family's history for centuries.

Holly has traveled to England to save her imprisoned soulmate, Jer, who is a member of the House of Deveraux -- and the Cathers' worst enemy. But following dangerously on her heels is Michael, Jer's father and head of the Deveraux coven, who is looking to derive ultimate power from a witch consort.

Now Holly learns that her uncle and her mother's best friend are in grave danger, and that she must enter the Nightmare Dreamtime and battle demons and other forces of darkness in order to save them. But can Holly successfully fight these horrors, "and" safely return home?

From Goodreads:
After months of battles and betrayals, Holly Cathers's coven of Light, the Tri-Coven, is in disarray -- Eddie, Kialish, Silvana, and Alonzo are dead; Nicole is trapped on the island of Avalon; and Holly -- delirious from being pulled out of the Dreamtime -- has turned herself over to the leader of the Deveraux coven, Michael Deveraux. Now it is Jer's turn to attempt a rescue of his soul mate.

But a new warlock has arrived in Seattle. Alex Carruthers has power, looks, and charisma. Will he turn the Tri-Coven in a new direction? And will he sacrifice Holly to the greater good?

My Review:
Legacy, I had a hard time getting into, because Holly isn't herself, she's done some pretty bad things, by killing the cat, and then sacrificing members of her Coven, but she regains herself, only to lose herself again to having all these demons inside her head, and under the control of Michael, and there's betrayals, and lots of travelling, and new characters, and changes, like Nicole is suddenly about to give birth pregnant, because of changes made by the guy who they think is Alex. And there's lot of action and fighting, and yeah.

I enjoyed Spellbound better, it redeemed the characters, and almost brought them back to where they were at the first book, but they were smarter, and they've lost some people, but they've gained others, and there's been other changes, and there was more bits of history of other Cathors and Deveraux, and conflict that explain what Holly is afraid of death by water for her loved ones, and yeah.

At the end of them both, they were weakened by the fighting, and they've gained some things, and it might just be better, what with the deaths of 2 heads of families on the warlocks side, and the ending of Spellbound, well, it just makes me want to read the last book!

These were 2 pretty good books, that I enjoyed reading, after they got past the not so good parts. Yep. Can't wait to read more!

Authors: Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie
Series: Wicked #3, 4
Read: February 19th, 2012
Source: Library
Reason Why: I wanted to, and to finish the series!
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Published: May 1st 2003, September 1st 2003
3/5 Hearts
0/5 Books
2/5 Stars

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