Sunday, January 29, 2012

If Your Name Was Called for Being Tribute for Your District in the Hunger Games...

Hi, today's the day for reading the first chapter of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins for the read-a-thon hosted by Larrissa, @ Howling Turtle.

And I want to know is, what would you do if your name was called to represent your district in the Hunger Games?

Well, first I'd want to know how many times has your name been entered. How old are you, young at 12, or being entered for the last time at 18? Do you live in the seam and therefore enter more times for tesserae for each member of your family? Is your name in only once, or is it in 28+ times? Does this make you scared to death, nervous that it's your first time at a possibility, more like a most-likely death, or maybe a relief that this is your last year of the hell of waiting to know if your name was pulled?

Now that we've established a background, how you feel emotionally, your heart pounding, and the Peacekeepers making sure whoever is called doesn't run away, and you wait...



And they call your name.

You react. You try and run away. And get dragged to the stage be put on show like an animal in the zoos that maybe you've heard about before Panem was created. Or you stand stalk still, frozen, and they have to drag you to the stage for a punishment for the districts trying to rebel. Or are you proud to be chosen, and strut up there like a peacock?

So, how would it be for you?

For me, I'd have 5 entries, I'm 17, and my family's pretty well off so I don't need to collect tesserae. So I would be a little worried, but the odds are in my favour for not being chosen. And when they call my name? Well, let's just say that I wouldn't bolt away, nor would I be proud of it. I'd be firmly in the frozen group, to be dragged up. After all, all I can think of is, I'm going to be the first one killed because I have absolutely no skills that might impress the judges come a few chapters. And the training? No way. I'd so die in the first day. My poor district!

So what about you guys? Well off, or severally poor, a runner, a terror statue, or a proud mascot?

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  1. I would probably be a terror statue, they'd have to push me up to the podium.

  2. Hello, fellow statue :) Aren't the Peacekeepers being especially pushy this Hunger Game?

  3. I'm definitely a terror statue! I'd have to be dragged kicking and screaming up on stage.

    A great Chapter post :)

    Sharon @ Obsession with Books

  4. I don't think I'd be completely frozen, but I don't think I'd march up there all happy either! I think I'd be so stunned that I would just mechanically walk up there. I'd be super shocked that my name was called.

  5. I like your post!

    As for me, let me think about that.

    I would be 16, neither very old or young. My family has had bad times, but overall they can get enough food to provide for me and my brother. I'd have about 10 tesserae on my name.

    When they call my name, my heart would skip a beat. I would feel completely numb. I would walk to the stage by myself, not realising what is happening. I would see everyone's faces, passing by. Everything would feel like a dream, especially the Capitol.

    In the arena, I would try to avoid confrontation. At the Cornucopia I would run straight to cover. If forced to fight, I would not go down easily. Fighting with my brother would have given me some basic combat skills.

    I wouldn't be one of the first to go, but I wouldn't win either (:

  6. Great post! I think I would be like Kat, walking up there mechanically while inside I would be screaming with terror.

  7. I would be 17. Daddy would have assured I only had six entries because I am his little princess. I would be surprised & in total denial but would walk up there like I owned the place all Blair Waldorf style and smile,do a little parade wave. Only after I am on the train will I realize how screwed I am and that Daddy will not rescue me like he said he could! I would end up making it through by only amazing luck and accidents till the last four, then I would be killed horrifically and not by another tribute, but my own stupidity because I was paying attention to the nail I broke, not the immediate dangers surrounding me!


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