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Week 29 Review: Cast in Flight

From Goodreads:
New York Times bestselling author Michelle Sagara returns to the city of Elantra with a thrilling tale rife with ancient magic, assassination attempts and political intrigue.

Private Kaylin Neya already has Dragons and Barrani as roommates. Adding one injured, flightless Aerian to her household should be trivial. Sure, the Aerian is Sergeant Moran dar Carafel, but Kaylin's own sergeant is a Leontine, the definition of growly and fanged. She can handle one Aerian.

But when a walk to the Halls of Law becomes a street-shattering magical assassination attempt on the sergeant, Kaylin discovers that it's not the guest who's going to be the problem: it's all of the people who suddenly want Moran dar Carafel dead. And though Moran refuses to tell her why she's being targeted, Kaylin is determined to discover her secret and protect her at all costs—even if keeping Moran safe means dealing with Aerian politics, angry dragons and something far more sinister.

My Review:
I just loved reading this series! I've been pretty addicted to it since I started reading it, and I've had the waits for Flame, Honor, and Flight. So it was really great to be with these characters again, and find out what was going on in their lives and their world! Potential spoilers ahead!

This book wasn't a big, very possible end of the world with a girl from that future as evidence. No, this book was a quieter-but it delved more into Shadows, and the Aerians. Which was really awesome, they're really the only species that hasn't had a lot of exposure in this series, as far as I can remember!

A big part of this book was Moran dar Carafel, picking up the threads from the last book. Because shes like a race-specific version of the Chosen, praevolo, and it's caused her a lot of grief, and is continuing to. But it was tied into why the Aerians are in this world, (since it isn't their home world) how they got there, and how they can fly. Yeah.

I really enjoyed learning more about Shadow, and the possibility that it's like the elements, but more of a power of magic. Summon a little bit, and it has no will, it'll do what you want. Summon a lot, and it'll do what it's main purpose it, for Shadow, transformation, usually into death. But yeah, it was really interesting! And how that was perhaps tied into the Illumen praevolo.

Annarian and Nightshade, they have their difficulties. They're brothers and they both wanted the best for the other. But Nightshade became Outcaste, most likely to get his brother back. That most of his actions in this series have been aimed at that goal, including marking her. And now that he's back, well, yeah, there's some issues that they had to work through!

There was also a really fascinating section on the Dragon Outcaste, dragons and their dual nature, and their true names. And it explains a little bit about him, that while he could be in either form, but he's like the Teela's cohort-other, that he could take other forms.

Another thing that came up, was Bellusdeo's importance to Dragons-she's the only female left, she can continue the species. But with whom. And the Outcaste came up as wanting her to be alive, to want to share the kingdom with her. Yeah.

That ending! Oh! With Shadow, Kaylin, and her familiar, and the Outcaste and Moran, yeah, there was a lot going on there! This book was another piece of the puzzle and another step closer to what this series has been building up to! I can't wait for more!

This book was just utterly fantastic, and I can't wait for the next book! The wait is going to be pure evil!

Author: Michelle Sagara
Series: Chronicles of Elantra #11
Read: July 15th, 2016
Source: NetGalley
Reason Why: Love this series so much! And it's a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2016 Book, WoW Book and a WTC Book!
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA
Expected Publication: October 26th 2016
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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