Saturday, July 30, 2016

Week 31 Review: Spare and Found Parts

From Goodreads:
You have never held a boy's hand

It's not easy to make friends when your heart ticks like a clock. Like a bomb. When your father is a genius who saved you—and many others—from a devastating virus with his invention of biomechanical limbs. When everyone expects the same revolutionary ideas from you.

You have never connected.

Not until you find that mannequin's hand on the beach.

The hand that gives you an idea.

If your father can build parts, why can't you build a whole person?

A whole person who understands you, when no one else does. Who could be the key to everything your society has tried to keep hidden and forgotten.

All life begins with a spark. But you aren't the only one who knows that.

Or the only one keeping a secret.

My Review:
I enjoyed this book! It was weird and quirky, and I enjoyed the way it was told, 3rd person for the present, and 2nd person for the past inching to the present, and there was a reason why it was that way, and that reason was amazing once you got to that part! But it was that  Adding in this post-apocalyptic world with bio-mechanical limbs, there was a lot of interesting things going on in this book!

It was kinda funny reading about the technology in this book, and finding and using the technology of pre-Turn, which is basically from now. Like iPods, and how they were described, yeah, pretty interesting!! Because they think pretty much everything is a computer. Which is a little sad, how much was lost! But I think what they really mean to be afraid of, is artificial intelligence, which her dad, Julian, agreed with me!

Or how they were like, deathly afraid of code, to the point where it was banned, and being by paper from before the turn, is a sacrifice to be made-because some of that paper could contain code. Which is a bit ridiculous, I'm pretty sure the majority of code isn't in paper format besides some exceptions!

There was a few mysteries in this book. Like what exactly happened to cause the Turn and the disease? And the favour that her father-and Nell by extension-owed the Kelly's. They were more background, only noticeable because they were strange, but unnoticed by the occupants because it was normal to them. And yeah, really enjoyed how everything turned out there!

Really enjoyed this book, and I'd love to read more by Sarah Maria Griffin!

Author: Sarah Maria Griffin
Read: July 24th, 2016
Source: Edelweiss
Reason Why: Sounded really great, and it's a SAC 2016 Book, Sophomore Challenge Book and a WoW Book!
Publisher: Greenwillow Books
Expected Publication: October 4th 2016
/5 Hearts
/5 Books
/5 Stars

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