Wednesday, July 13, 2016

We Have the Cover of The Graveyard Queen #6!!!!

Yeah, we have the cover of The Awakening by Amanda Stevens!


We don't have a synopsis as of yet. Anyways, I really like this cover! It's creepy and has the same font as the new covers! And there is slightly more going on in the background with the trees, and the colours on the edges, so it's different from the other two (and the other 3 once they get them, I imagine) and I like it-it's the last book in the series, so it's set apart, but still a part of of the series! I just hope that The Visitor, The Sinner, an The Awakening come out in standard mass market paperback instead of just the weird, en-longed version! Because it doesn't go well with my copies of the first 3 books, and the pages are already yellow on my copy of The Visitor! What about you guys? Happy reading

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