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Week 45 Reviews: Cast in Shadow, Cast in Flame, Cast in Honor, Cast in Flight

From Goodreads:
Seven years ago Kaylin fled the crime-riddled streets of Nightshade, knowing that something was after her. Children were being murdered -- and all had the same odd markings that mysteriously appeared on her own skin...

Since then, she's learned to read, she's learned to fight and she's become one of the vaunted Hawks who patrol and police the City of Elantra. Alongside the winged Aerians and immortal Barrani, she's made a place for herself, far from the mean streets of her birth.

But children are once again dying, and a dark and familiar pattern is emerging, Kaylin is ordered back into Nightshade with a partner she knows she can't trust, a Dragon lord for a companion and a device to contain her powers -- powers that no other human has. Her task is simple -- find the killer, stop the murders... and survive the attentions of those who claim to be her allies!

From Goodreads:
Any day that starts with dragon arguments is going to be bad...

Kaylin returned from the West March in one piece. Now that piece is fraying. She's not at home in the Imperial Palace—and she never intends to be. All she wants is normal garden-variety criminals and a place of her own. Of course, normal in her new life involves a dragon as a roommate, but she can handle that.

She can't as easily handle the new residents to the city she polices, because one of them is Nightshade's younger brother. On a night when she should be talking to landlords in perfectly normal buildings, she's called to the fief—by Teela. A small family disagreement has become a large, complicated problem: Castle Nightshade's latent magic is waking...

And it's not the only thing.

From Goodreads:
In the aftermath of a vicious battle between darkness and light, the city of Elantra has emerged victorious. But Shadows continue to haunt every corner of its streets...

Elantra stands strong, but countless numbers of Hawks, the city's staunchest protectors, were lost in the brutal attack. Humans, Barrani, Aerians, Leontines—none of the races emerged unscathed from the defense of the city. Homes were lost, families were scattered…and the outcast Barrani Lord Nightshade is missing from his castle in the fiefs. 

Yet as the chaos surrounding the battle begins to wane, Private Kaylin Neya's duties must resume, despite her grief. Called in to investigate a triple murder in a quiet part of town, Kaylin and her companions are soon embroiled in a case that is anything but routine. Evidence of the deadly Shadows that still threaten the city leads to hints of ancient, forgotten magics. And a visit to the Oracular Halls points directly to Ravellon—the heart of the Shadows and the darkness they contain. 

But it is there that Lord Nightshade will be found—if he still survives.

From Goodreads:
New York Times bestselling author Michelle Sagara returns to the city of Elantra with a thrilling tale rife with ancient magic, assassination attempts and political intrigue.

Private Kaylin Neya already has Dragons and Barrani as roommates. Adding one injured, flightless Aerian to her household should be trivial. Sure, the Aerian is Sergeant Moran dar Carafel, but Kaylin's own sergeant is a Leontine, the definition of growly and fanged. She can handle one Aerian.

But when a walk to the Halls of Law becomes a street-shattering magical assassination attempt on the sergeant, Kaylin discovers that it's not the guest who's going to be the problem: it's all of the people who suddenly want Moran dar Carafel dead. And though Moran refuses to tell her why she's being targeted, Kaylin is determined to discover her secret and protect her at all costs—even if keeping Moran safe means dealing with Aerian politics, angry dragons and something far more sinister.

My first review of Cast in ShadowCast in Flame, Cast in Honor, Cast in Flight
My second review of Cast in Shadow
My Review:
Because I just finished reading Cast in Deception, I had to go back to the beginning! I also had to read the books that I'd only read once, and with a year between them. It was just a pleasure, reading these stories again and finding out what I forgot, like Nightshade's portal entrance! I just didn't have time to read the whole series because I don't have that much time, so it was a bit weird to jump that much time, but dealable!

I meant to write this review sooner. But I wanted to check up on a detail, which meant that I read the first 200 or so pages of Cast in Deception again. Teehee. And Kaylin hasn't been to Nightshade's tower since Cast in Flame, when said tower was waking up. So it's going to be interesting when she goes back!

Really starting in Cast in Honor, we really get to start exploring shadow, and how it might not be what they thought it was, that it might be like an element, or at least, have some sentience, and maybe not all of it is bad. This was really interesting, and having read Cast in Deception, well, I know it's going to be explored further, so that's something to look forward to! I need more information!

In Cast in Flight, Helen makes a comment that the Emperor wouldn't really be suitable for Bellusdeo as a mate/father of eggs, because he has his hoard which much come first. They also went through rejecting the others, but weren't sure that they mentioned all of them. They didn't, they didn't mention Lord Emmerian. Who I think doesn't have any disqualifications like the rest, and who seems to get along well with Bellusdeo, so I think they'd be a good match!

These books were just so fantastic, and I wan't wait for more of this amazing, wonderful series!

Author: Michelle Sagara
Series: Chronicles of Elantra #1, 10, 11, 12
First Read: August 9th, 2013, June 11th, 2014, September 9th, 2015, July 15th, 2016
Second Read: March 31st, 2014
Read: November 5th, 5th, 7th,
Source: Own
Reason Why: Rereading! And they're Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2017 Books!
Publisher: Luna, Harlequin Mira
Published: July 1st 2005, July 29th 2014, November 24th 2015, October 26th 2016

Cast in Shadow:
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

Cast in Flame:
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

Cast in Honor:
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

Cast in Flight:
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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