Saturday, March 12, 2016

New Meme!

Well, I know that all of the memes that I've started or taken over haven't really done anything. But I've done them, and I have need of a new one! And I've named it Book Spotlight, and I'll be posting it on Sundays!

So I'm really desperately wanting to read Warrior Witch-and my request is pending. And I'm wondering what I can do to tip the odds into my request being approved. And I hit on improving my ratio. The thing is, that I have about 1200 books, and only 1000 show up. So I'll only just hit in on the 80% even if I miraculously read all of those books right now. But I can't. So I was browsing the Knowledge Base, and something popped out at me: (emphasis mine)

Our suggestion is to keep your Feedback ratio close to 80%, meaning that for every 10 titles you are approved to read, you provide feedback for 8 titles. Feedback can be notes, a review, a link to a review online, or information about how you will promote the title.
 So I decided to create a meme to spotlight these NetGalley books. I think I'll do a variety of groups, like as much as the alphabet I can, or a component in the book, like a strong heroine! I do hope to read these books eventually, but this'll be something to have out there! And maybe in the future, it'll evolve-or devolve, maybe?-into just books that I want to showcase. Who knows? All I know is that I want to get close to that 80% ratio from my current 21%! And hey, maybe someone out there wants to participate, as well, which would be really awesome :)

Here's the cycle that I'm going to be doing:
Alphabet in the Title's First Word!
Author's Last Name!
A Single Letter!
A Book From Every Page (on NetGalley's Shelves!)
More than One Word in the Title!
Published in a Month in a Year!
A Publisher!
A Genre!
Synopsis' That Hooked Me!

Happy reading!

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