Saturday, September 8, 2018

Week 36 Review: Buzz Kill

From Goodreads:
In this fresh and funny teen mystery, seventeen-year-old Millie joins forces with her classmate, gorgeous but mysterious Chase Albright, to try to find out who murdered Coach Killdare.

Putting the dead in deadline
To Bee or not to Bee? When the widely disliked Honeywell Stingers football coach is found murdered, 17-year-old Millie is determined to investigate. She is chasing a lead for the school newspaper - and looking to clear her father, the assistant coach, and prime suspect.

Millie's partner is gorgeous, smart-and keeping secrets
Millie joins forces with her mysterious classmate Chase who seems to want to help her even while covering up secrets of his own.

She's starting to get a reputation…without any of the benefits.
Drama-and bodies-pile up around Millie and she chases clues, snuggles Baxter the so-ugly-he's-adorable bassett hound, and storms out of the world's most awkward school dance/memorial mash-up. At least she gets to eat a lot of pie.

Best-selling author Beth Fantaskey's funny, fast-paced blend of Clueless and Nancy Drew is a suspenseful page-turner that is the best time a reader can have with buried weapons, chicken clocks, and a boy who only watches gloomy movies…but somehow makes Millie smile. Bee-lieve it.

My Review:
This book was a lot of fun to read! Sure, it's a murder mystery, but it was pretty funny! Plus it was a pretty awesome mystery, and I loved the romance! It was just a good time to read this book, which is always a sign of a good book!

The mystery in this book was really great! The Coach wasn't well liked, and there were reasons for that, but that wasn't all there was to the dude, as evidenced by Chase. So they each had a personal reason why they were investigating-Millie to clear her dad's name, and Chase because of what the Coach had done for him.

I really can't state how funny this book was. It was just absolutely hilarious, and even though it's a murder mystery, someone died, it just written with humour. And I love that, I think everybody needs more laughter in their lives.

That ending was pretty surprising! I mean, the bad guy had been a character all along, but not suspected, because it was a hidden connection. So all the more reason to be proud of our sleuths in solving the case!

Loved reading this book, and I'd love to read more by Beth Fantaskey!

Author: Beth Fantaskey
Read: September 2nd, 2018
Source: Library
Reason Why: Love her writing, and it's a SAC 2018 Book and a WTC Book!
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
Published: May 6th 2014
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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