Saturday, April 1, 2017

Week 13 Review: Just a Girl

From Goodreads:
Taking a hard look at the societal constraints on teenage girls, Morris Award nominee Carrie Mesrobian tells one girl's story with bracing honesty and refreshing authenticity.

By her senior year of high school, Rianne has exhausted all the fun there is to have in small-town Wereford, Minnesota. Volleyball season is winding down, the parties feel tired, and now that she's in a serious relationship with reformed player Luke Pinsky, her wild streak has ended. Not that she ever did anything worse than most guys in her school...but she knows what everyone thinks of her. 

Including her parents. Divorced but now inexplicably living together again, Rianne wonders why they're so quick to point out every bad choice she's making when they can't even act like adults—or have the decency to tell Rianne whether or not they're getting back together. With an uncomfortable home life and her once-solid group of friends now dissolving, the reasons for sticking around after high school are few. So why is Rianne locking step when it comes to figuring out her future?

That's not the only question Rianne can't answer. Lately she's been wondering why, when she has a perfect-on-paper boyfriend, she wants anything but. Or how it is that Sergei, a broken-English-speaking Russian, understands her better than anyone who's known her all her life? And—perhaps the most troubling question—why has Rianne gotten stuck with an "easy girl" reputation for doing the same exact things as guys without any judgment?

Carrie Mesrobian, acclaimed author of Sex & Violence and Cut Both Ways, sets fire to the unfair stereotypes and contradictions that persist even in the twenty-first century. 

My Review:
This book was pretty great! I enjoyed these characters! They had compelling stories, from friend a with a boyfriend with mental problems, to her mom and dad and their relationship! I just really enjoyed reading this book!

This book dealt with double standards regarding sex. And how guys that have a lot of it are awesome. And how girls that have a lot of it are considered sluts. It's not really mentioned, it's thought about, but it showcases this issue! Given that Luke and Rianne those people in school, and he was treated much better than her, though of better than her. Which sucked, because he wasn't!

The relationships that she has with her friends, members of the opposite gender, and her family, are a pretty big deal. The foursome friends became a threesome because of the awfulness of the one girl. She didn't really feel much for Luke, feelings that she did have for Sergei. And I could empathize with Rianne with her mom wanting her to move out! I'm in a similar situation, but I don't have the deadline yet!

I kinda thought that there was something strange/wrong about Sergei taking Rianne away with him. I myself, would be too scared to do this, so all I was thinking about, was what could go wrong! So I am conflicted about that ending!

Really great book, and I really enjoyed it!

Author: Carrie Mesrobian
Read: March 26th, 2017
Source: Edelweiss
Reason Why: Sounded really great, and it's a SAC 2017 Book!
Publisher: HarperCollins
Published: March 28th 2017
5/5 Hearts
3/5 Books
3/5 Stars

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