Thursday, October 1, 2015

Dobby's Lump's Story So Far

Dobby had cancer. Maybe he still does, but I'll get to that soon. Dobby used to have two lumps-a fat lump on one side, and another, smaller lump on the other side, near his front leg. But that small lump grew, until it was bigger than the other one.

He had his annual vet visit this summer, and the vet took samples of the growing lump, and told us later that if it grew, then to arrange what became his surgery. And it did grow. So this Tuesday, Dobby didn't get his breakfast, and he had surgery.

Well, it turns out that the lump that had grown, is soft tissue carcinoma. I'm not sure of what kind, since there was a whole bunch listed on a site I looked at, but I was told in a brief conversation with my mom that it's basically a non-harmful one, or as close to non-harmful as a lump that has to be surgically removed can be. If need be, Dobby will just have to have another surgery to remove any leftovers growing back.

The worst thing for me right now, knowing that it's gone, and that he's recovering well, is that I'm not there. I can't see him, pet him, have him give me kisses. I can't cuddle with him, I have to bug my mom for updates. Thankfully, I'm going home tomorrow, so I'll have a night and two days with him. And Winky of course.

Probably the worst bits for him, was the lost breakfast, the cone of shame, and maybe Winky not wanting to be around him because of the cone of shame. They've been running around the backyard of Pope, so the stitches didn't bug him, and while he apparently had a little trouble on the stairs, he learned.

So for Dobby, here's some pictures since I need to see his cuteness to bide me over until I see him in the flesh tomorrow!

Yeah, he-they-are my silly butts!

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