Saturday, March 31, 2012

Week 13 Review: Unraveling Isobel

From Goodreads:
Isobel’s life is falling apart. Her mom just married some guy she met on the internet only three months before, and is moving them to his sprawling, gothic mansion off the coast of nowhere. Goodbye, best friend. Goodbye, social life. Hello, icky new stepfather, crunchy granola town, and unbelievably good-looking, officially off-limits stepbrother.

But on her first night in her new home, Isobel starts to fear that it isn’t only her life that’s unraveling—her sanity might be giving way too. Because either Isobel is losing her mind, just like her artist father did before her, or she’s seeing ghosts. Either way, Isobel’s fast on her way to being the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons.

My Review:
I absolutely loved this book! There was mystery-in whether she's coming into the genetics that her dad passed on for her to potentially have schizophrenia, she's seeing ghosts, or her stepfather, Dick the dick, was being a dick and trying to alienate Isobel from her mom, and become her mom's center of attention, because he's a dick like that by leaving the piles of sea shells around. Yep.

So Isobel's been taken from her home so her mother can remarry this guy that she's only known for 3 months, from the big city to this island with a small town, and then she finds out that her stepfather, and stepbrother, depending on the source, killed the wife/mother and daughter/sister. And while she doesn't get along with her stepbrother at first, he is cute, and before long, they talk, and develop quite a relationship!

And as the mystery develops, with the annoyances, and the ghost in the library being one of the girls who disappeared, and who turns out to be at the bottom of the well, and then finding out that Dick had let the girl die, he left her there, broken, because the house was worth more to him then someone's life, and when his wife found out he was using the money sued from the hospital to care for her daughter to fix said house, well, she went out to the boat with her daughter. But Dick took away the life-vests. And claims it was her fault for not checking, and then diving in the water even though her daughter was most likely already dead, and yeah. He was horrible. But the ending where he's arrested, and Isobel and Nate could be together, and yeah, that was a really great ending!

This was an awesome book, quick and addictive, and a page-turner, I could not read this book any faster! Loved it! Must check out her other books! And now you guys have to read it!!! Yep.

Author: Eileen Cook
Read: March 28th, 2012
Source: Library
Reason Why: I read the first few chapters on the publisher's website, and they were so good, I had to keep reading!
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Published: January 3rd 2012
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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