Saturday, March 31, 2012

Week 13 Review: Dragonswood

From Goodreads:
Wilde Island is not at peace. The kingdom mourns the dead Pendragon king and awaits the return of his heir; the uneasy pact between dragons, fairies, and humans is strained; and the regent is funding a bloodthirsty witch hunt. Tess, daughter of a blacksmith, has visions of the future, but she still doesn't expect to be accused of witchcraft.

My Review:
I just loved this book so much! It was just so good, and entertaining, and I just wanted to read more! I loved the sections, as things are told to us, and yeah, to the ending, which was really great! And apparently it's part of a series or something, or connected books, and now I want to read those!

Tess hasn't had it easy. Her dad, or as we find out, her step dad, is pretty awful, and yeah, not nice to her at all. Including the witchcraft thing. When it actually turns out that it's fairies, and their magic, seeing as she's half fae.

I loved the action, and the twists, and the romance, and the reveals! This book, pretty much had it all, and I just wanted to have more and more and more! It was just so freaking good! Which is why I'm so excited for those companion books or whatever!

I enjoyed this book so much! It was just so good, and I want more now!

Author: Janet Lee Carey
Read: March 28th, 2012
Source: Library
Reason Why: I wanted to, it looked really great, it's a YAHFC book, a WTC book, and a RR book!
Publisher: Dial
Published: January 5th 2012
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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