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Week 35 Reviews: Water Bound, Spirit Bound

From Goodreads:
Christine Feehan's #1 New York Times bestselling Hidden Currents may have closed the Drake Sisters saga—which "brought paranormal romance to a new high"*--but it has opened the door to an all~new series of startling magic, mystery, and the soul~stirring elements of nature….

The last thing Lev Prakenskii remembered was being lost in the swirling currents of the ocean and getting sucked deeper into the nothingness of a freezing black eddy off the coastal town of Sea Haven. Just as quickly, just a miraculously, he was saved—pulled ashore by a beautiful stranger. But Lev has no memory of who he is—or why he seems to possess the violent instincts of a trained killer. All he knows is that he fears for his life, and for the life of his unexpected savior.

Her name is Rikki, a sea~urchin diver in Sea Haven. She has always felt an affinity for the ocean, and for the seductive pull of the tides. And now she feels drawn in the same way to the enigmatic man she rescued. But soon they will be bound by something even stronger, and their tantalizing secrets will engulf them both in a whirlpool of dizzying passion and inescapable danger.

From Goodreads:
Lethally sexy undercover agent Stefan Prakenskii knows a thousand ways to kill a man-and twice as many ways to pleasure a woman. So he's looking forward to his new mission: arrive in the coastal town of Sea Haven and insinuate himself in the life of Judith Henderson, an ethereal beauty with ties to the crime lord he's determined to trap...

My first review of Spirit Bound
My Review:
Dear publishers of Christine Feehan's books: Please make the font size just a tad bigger, in the future, because the current size of print makes it harder to read, and increases the chance that I'm going to take a break, because I'm worn out by reading the small font.

I loved the romance in these books! I mean, it's a staple in Christine Feehan books, along with mysteries, and yeah, both Rikki and Lev, and Judith and Stefan, work well together, and they work though their issues with each other, not all right away, but at a good, steady pace! Though between Lev's honesty, and Stefan's issues with it, it's a wonder, sometimes, that they ddid!

Rikki, and Lev, both have problems. She's haunted by all the deaths by fire that surround her, and he just doesn't remember who he is. We do, since I think most people read Hidden Currents before this book, that he's Ilya's brother, and he was the bodyguard to that evil guy, and yeah, that was just awesome to go through that! And her last name is Sitmore, which I didn't know, though it was mentioned twice that I noticed!

I think my most favourite scene in Spirit Bound, was the weddings. They were small, secret, and sparely attended, but they were sweet, and all 4 of them got married, each to their respective person, and yeah, that was just so perfect! And it's funny, because Rikki likes Joley's music, but was afraid of talking to her, and now they're sisters-in-law, I'm pretty sure!

And still, I don't really get when Levi is released from the trap-at the top of page 335 in my copy, the jaws of the trap are slowly opening, then Judith's big use of spirit-did that open it all the way?-then at the bottom of 336, top of 337, he's free. So yeah, that's a bit of a mystery to me!

Oh, Blythe! The acknowledged leader, daughter of the Drake, that from the Sea Haven series's Drakes, mom's generation, would have Abby's powers, the truth. And who has some powers of her own. And things she caused her mom's death. Oh, and I think she might already be married to a Prakenskii, from the ending of Spirit Bound, "'I've been here before. And I'm certain that's the same priest who preformed the ceremony.' ...pressing her thumb deep into her palm." Which is something that all the ladies and gents connected to the Prakenskii romances have!

Favourite lines from Water Bound: "Brace yourself. I think they're planning to show up en masse. And when they get going, they're relentless. Last time they came, they insisted I eat broccoli. It was really annoying." I just love this, it's so funny, that they have to convince an adult to eat vegetables! "I'm sort of distracting? Obviously I need to try harder." Yeah, I guess you do! "The sixty pound cod landed almost on top of Lev, furious, fighting, flopping and jumping, snapping with his teeth. Lev whipped out a gun and aimed it at the ferocious fish." Uh, overkill much! And then "Lev, the ruthless assassin, was about to abandon the boat because of a fish." Just too funny!

Favourite lines from Spirit Bound: "'I spend far too much time sitting on my butt. I think it's growing significantly.' 'You are so right. Middle-aged spread is setting in.' 'The thing about long legs, you shout little shrimp, is that I can outrun you.' 'Not with a large ass, you can't.'" Love their teasing! "Don't forget her Pilates. And her weight training, And her Zumba classes." That's a lot of things to not forget! "Didn't you get carded going into an R-rated movie last week?" That must kinda suck! "'I feel like the teacher's duncey student.' 'Honey, you are the teachers dunce student. Fortunately we all love you, so it doesn't matter if you can kick butt or not.'" So sweet! "Thomas. He detested Thomas. His biggest rival." That's funny, seeing as Thomas is a persona that you adopt, and is the current you! "That's our Lexi. She doesn't have enough plants or enough forest to play in, she has to bring the jungle to Sea Haven." Which is just awesome! "I refuse to allow a bee to keep me from proving to you that I can keep from driving the thing into a tree." Yeah, that'd be a good thing! "You're right, why on earth would I give you credit for having a brain?" I can just see the sarcasm dripping off the page! "Probably. Yeah. No question about it. I fell hard." Loved how he tried to protect his dignity, and then just abandoned it! "'Who the hell is this Jonas character to you?' 'He is the local sheriff.' 'I told you I was making a kaleidoscope for his wife. Ordinarily when someone stars firing guns, a civilized person calls the sheriff.'" Yeah, big overreaction, Stefan! "'Judith is a terrible shot.' 'I am not. The stupid gun is always jumping at the last second.' 'I told you to practice.' 'You don't need to talk to her like that.'" Love their banter, Judith, Levi, and Thomas! "The birds living on this property are particularly vicious." That they are, when they're the security that Levi uses! "She had to know he was alive and well before she decided to boil him in oil." That's a bit extreme! "Airiana. Stop playing with the ammunition." Especially since it's just be fired, and you're using your element to move the bullets around!

I absolutely loved these books, and I can't wait to read Air Bound!

Author: Christine Feehan
Series: Sisters of the Heart #1, 2
First Read: November 8th, 2012
Read: August 29th, 29th, 2014
Source: Own
Reason Why: Rereading! And they're Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2014 Books!
Publisher: Jove Books
Published: July 27th 2012, January 1st 2012

Water Bound:
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

Spirit Bound:
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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