Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Brenda Novak Author Page

The Story: I got Dead Right at the Church Garage sale, and yeah, it was just such a great book I had to read the rest of the series, and the rest of her books! So yeah, 4th author who's author page mentions the church garage sale! I loved that first one, I got a lot of favourite authors then! Haven't since then, though.


Stillwater Trilogy: Dead Silence and her site, my review, Dead Giveaway and her site, my review, Dead Right and her site, my review.

Last Stand: Trust Me and her site, my review, Stop Me and her site, my review, Watch Me and her site, my review, The Perfect Couple and her site, my review, The Perfect Liar and her site, my review, The Perfect Murder and her site, my review.

Whiskey Creek: When We Touch and her sitemy reviewWhere Lightning Strikes and her sitemy reviewWhen Snow Falls and her sitemy reviewWhen Summer Comes and her sitemy reviewHome to Whiskey Creek and her sitemy reviewTake Me Home For Christmas and her sitemy reviewCome Home to Me and her sitemy reviewThe Heart of Christmas and her sitemy reviewThis Heart of Mine and her sitemy reviewA Winter Wedding and her site, my review, Discovering You and her site, my review.

Bulletproof: Inside and her sitemy reviewmy rereadIn Seconds and her sitemy reviewIn Close and her sitemy review.

Dept 6 Hired Guns: White Heat and her sitemy reviewBody Heat and her sitemy reviewKiller Heat and her sitemy review.

Fairview Island: The Secret Sister and her sitemy reviewThe Secrets She Kept and her sitemy review.

The Evelyn Talbot Chronicles: Hanover House and her site, my reviewHer Darkest Nightmare and her site, my review, Hello Again and her site, my review, Face Off and her site, my review, Blindspot and her site, my review.

Silver Springs: Finding Our Forever and her site, my review, No One But You and her site, my review, Until You Loved Me and her site, my review, Right Where We Belong and her site, my review, Unforgettable You and her site, my review, Christmas in Silver Springs and her site, my review, A California Christmas and her site, my review, When I Found You and her site.

Standalones: Honor Bound and her sitemy reviewThrough the Smoke and her site, my review, Of Noble Birth and her site, my review, A Matter of Grave Concern and her site, my review, Every Waking Moment and her sitemy reviewCold Feet and her site, my review, Taking the Heat and her site, my review, Before We Were Strangers and her site, my review, One Perfect Summer and her site, my review, The Bookstore on the Beach and her site, my review.

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