Saturday, November 23, 2013

Week 47 Review: Every Other Day

From Goodreads:
Sixteen-year-old Kali D'Angelo has always known she's different. Sure, she goes to high school and even attends pep rallies. But every other day, Kali becomes something else, hunting and killing demons, hellhounds and other supernatural creatures. On those days, she is indestructible. 

When a supernatural creature leaves the mark of death on a popular cheerleader, Kali knows she is the only one who can save her. There is only one problem. Today, Kali is only human.

My first review of Every Other Day
My Review:
This book! It's just so good! And while I would love a companion book or something with it, because I want to spend more time in this world, I think it's unlikely to get that, seeing as it came out 2 years ago, and there has been no talk of that happening, and she has a few books coming out in the next few years! Which is too bad, but oh, well!

I just love the switch between her 2 sides, and the fact that half the time Kali is normal, and the other half of the time, well, not so normal, seeing as she's facing these various dangers creatures, which could kill her if she was normal!

I enjoyed that there was a mystery there, but Kali didn't actively solve it. Little pieces came together, until the ending, when it made a complete picture, one that's pretty strange, but makes total sense, what with the me, mommy and mama. And yeah, I had totally forgotten most of it!

I think my most favourite part, is the fact of the ending, where he comes back, and offers a job, and while they are mourning her friend, they are still living. It's hard, but it's life. And she wanted them to move on. And yeah, while Jennifer Lynn Barnes stated somewhere, I believe that she ended there with Kali on the child/adult line because something, I think, along the lines of that's what she's writes.

I just loved this book so much, it was so great to reread it! Can't wait to read more Jennifer Lynn Barnes books!

Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
First Read: October 18th, 2011
Read: November 18th, 2013
Source: Bought
Reason Why: Rereading! And it's a SAC 2013 Book!
Publisher: EgmontUSA
Published: December 27th 2011
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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