Friday, April 20, 2012

We have a Cover!!!!!

We have a cover for Sacrifice! Whoo!!! I loved Legacy and Allegiance, and I'm really hoping that Sacrifice is going on NetGalley like the first 2 books, because I freaking need to read this book! Anyways. The cover.

Here it is:

It follows the theme of the first to, with the spiraling loops around the title, and various body parts of a guy, like in Legacy, it was her leaning against his legs so we kinda see his chest and an arm, and in Allegiance, it was them riding on a horse, and now, he's leading her into a house, but the house looks a bit plain, because she was a Queen for a good chunk of Allegiance, and lives in a place, after all. But her dress, it's red! Go read! And I can't wait till we get a description, since there was a prologue or chapter 1 in the back of Allegiance!! So I really freaking can't wait to read this book! Please go on NetGalley, like, now!!!

Oh, and just so you can look at the pretty covers, here are Legacy and Allegiance!

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