Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week 17 Review: That Fatal Night

From Goodreads:
In the aftermath of the Titanic disaster, a young girl must come to terms with haunting memories from the voyage. 

It is May 1912, one month after the horrific sinking of the Titanic, and twelve-year-old survivor Dorothy Wilton is sent home from school in disgrace when she strikes another student. Although she's expelled, her sympathetic teacher encourages Dorothy to write an account of her experience on the ship, with the hopes that it will help Dorothy come to terms with her trauma.

And so begins a truly remarkable story, which reads like a time capsule of the era: Dorothy writes about visiting her bohemian grandparents in England before setting sail back home, the luxurious rooms and cabins on board, a new friend she makes, and the intriguing people they observe. However, amidst all of this storytelling, a shadow lurks, a secret Dorothy is too traumatized to acknowledge - a secret about her own actions on that fatal night, which may have had deadly consequences.

My Review:
This was a fantastic book. I love this series, of diaries of young girls who've lived-or live through-some pretty significant Canadian history, history that sometimes is the world's history, as is the case in this book, because the Titanic is something we've all heard!

I feel bad, because while I really enjoyed this book, I've outgrown this series. I mean, it was bound to happen, I can remember reading some of the early books, and getting them out of my elementary school library. So this series has been with me for almost a decade.

The actual sinking, in this book, isn't really a big part of this book. She's on the ship, she's woken up, she's taken to a lifeboat, and then she's on a ship from N.Y. to rescue the survivors. So yeah, not the biggest thing. It's more her guilt that is a big part of this book.

I enjoyed this a lot, it's a really great book-it's just for younger readers!

Author: Sarah Ellis
Series: Dear Canada
Read: April 27th, 2012
Source: Library
Reason Why: I like the Dear Canada books, of various points in history, and it's a YAHFC book!
Published: September 1st 2011
4/5 Hearts
3/5 Books
3/5 Stars

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