Friday, July 8, 2011


BookMooch is a way to get rid of books that you don't want anymore, never wanted in the first place, or ones you think should be shared with the world. Well, there's plenty more reasons, but these are the ones I have off the top of my head.

Why am I mentioning BookMooch now? Well, I just got my first 2 books, Dark Destiny by Christine Feehan, and Shanna by Kathleen Woodiliss. I have seven more books to receive as of right now, and seven to send out. And seven friends. Which is funny, since the seven key is the only one that doesn't work on my computer.

But anyways. BookMooch works on a pretty smart system-you get 1/10th of a point per book you add to your inventory, and you get 1 point if someone from your own country mooches a book from you, and 3 if it was from someone who didn't live in your country.

Where do these 1 and 3 points come from, though? They come from the people who mooch the book, their way of paying for shipping.

But this is good, becuase as long as somebody is adding books to their inventory, and as long as someone wants that book, then the points move, and people get rid of books, or they share them, and then they get books that they want. A good thing.

So yeah, I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about BookMooch, becuase I'm so happy that I found it, since I've already gotten 2 of the books that I've been having trouble finding, and I'll be getting more, too!

Here's a link to BookMooch. Hope to see you there, and if I do, add me as a friend!

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