Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Have an Update! #5, July 24th

What I'm Writing: What Happened Then, Happens Now, Reason of Rhyme, and a new book, Safe Room, which is explained below.

New Plots:
Safe Room: They held tickets to go on the most expensive cruise in the world-into outer space. They went to their rooms. And then they heard the screams. What is killing the other rooms, and can they get it before it gets them? And who are the mysterious group who went from room to room before the cruise set off, and now are randomly popping into those same rooms? Each room isolated, who will survive, and what will they do in order to insure their safety?
Reality < Lies: How do you know what is reality, and what is lies? How do you break out of the computer world where you’re taped into, when you don’t remember that you have to? And how much longer can you survive in the computer if there’s a limited supply of food outside, and everyone wants out after you told them?
The Corner of a Round Room: It’s the round room. When you’re bad, you go to it. It’s round, but at the very top, there’s a point. A corner, people say. A corner in the round room. They say, that once, there was 2 rooms. A good room, the corner room, and a bad room, the circle room. But now there’s only the round room. What happened to the corner room, and why did it merge to the round room?
Naive King: What’s the making of a good king? That he’s wise, and able to do what is best for his kingdom, so that the land and the people prosper. Then along comes the Naïve King. Who’s going to be the one to teach him to become the king he could be? And who will try and take advantage of the King’s current weakness? And who’s the girl who pops up everywhere, sometimes helping, and sometimes causing trouble?
Why Not Love?: Well, for one thing, it’s forbidden. The Cursed are the ones who love, they become emotional, and they don’t care too much about anything else but their love. So all emotions where banned, and every 6 months, each person over 18 and under 40 are harvested for their DNA for new children to be created in the tube. But then why isn’t the population changing? When new thoughts start to overtake their minds, the people have a choice. Why not love?

Monthly Word Count: 244 589 words, so pretty good week, and I'm happy with it!

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