Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Found My Mouse!

I'm happy. I've found my mouse. It's been missing since just neaer the end of May. I thought I'd never see it again! I had put it in my backpack, then when I got to school, it was gone. I couldn't find it.

And now I feel a little silly. My backpack has 2 zippers in the back, one for the laptop at the very back, and 1 for the other stuff, I put the power cord there, and the mouse, and it had a bit of fabric creating a pocket at the bottom.

So when I got to school that day, I searched the whole second zipper, digging deep. Know what I didn't search? The laptop zipper. So today, when I was going to my grandma's for supper (and meeting my newest cousin, Zachary who's less then a month for the first time) I was putting in the power cord when I felt a lump. I searched both parts of the second zipper. Then I opened the first, and there, at the bottom, was my mouse!

It was a bit more destroyed from when it first went in, some of the rubbery stuff had a tear, and it was further out, and the sticky grip thing at the front was bent a bit, but other then that, it still works, and I'm happy, it makes reading on the computer way easier! But yeah, feel a bit silly, it'd been there the whole time, and I took my laptop in and out of there for a good month, and didn't notice a thing.
But I have it back, and that's what matters. Now to get my email fixed so I can send mail from my xplornet account, and to call the phone people to reset my password for my voicemail, and to get rid of the virus that is apparenlty on this computer, be able to see images, and embeded megavideo and other video sources, and to fix the computer screen parts, since one corner of the covering plastic isn't screwed in, and the actual screen isn't screwed into the back cover, and to maybe glue the plastic around the keyboard on the same corner down, and the front too, and to glue back on the cover of the dvd/cd play disk thing, and get the seven key working (I copy and paste the seven that is apparently part of my blog ID when I'm doing posts and need a seven) then this computer will be better again! I'd really like that!

Yeah, I know. My computer is pretty wrecked. But I'd like to fix it!

And for any people who might have thought that by mouse I meant a living, animal mouse, I mean a computer mouse that controlls the pointer thing on the computer :) Though I think everybody got it :) Just in case :)

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