Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Have an Update! #3, July 3rd

What I'm Writing:  I'm currently writing What Happened Then, Happens Now, Reason of Rhyme, How it Did Crumble, The Last Souls of the Sighing Maiden, The Murder House, Ticket to Fame, Invaded, One Too Young, At A Touch, and Rise Travel. They are in various states of WC, and I hope to increase them by next week.

What I'm Editing: I'm currently editing Forsaken Vows still by typing it up, and How it Did Crumble. Finished editing The Soul Collector, which I'm glad about, but I wasn't in time for my createspace proof. Oh, well. Guess that means that I still have time to edit it some more  :)

Monthly Word Count: 58, 792 words. It is after all, only 2 days in, since what's here right now of today doens't count.  So it's a pretty good WC :)

This was a better week then last week, and I hope for better for this coming one!

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