Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Have an Update! #3, July 10th

What I'm Writing: I haven't been writing this week, really, been busy with reading and CALM and Chem. But I'm almost done CALM (Just 1 module left) and Chem, well, it's Chem, and then I'll be writing again :)

New Plot Idea: I had a new plot idea this week, and I came up withe the title, As You Sleep. Here's the summary I came up with: Have you ever woken up from a sleep, and still felt tired. Ever just dismissed, you just haven't been sleeping well the past few days? You're not alone. They take us in shifts, so we don't notice it as much, won't tell anyone, and they put us to work. What are we doing, you might ask. There's a bigger question. When will we be done? Because when we're done, what will they do with us?

Monthly Word Count: 69, 277 words. Like I said, a slow week. Oh, well.

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