Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Have an Update! #6, July 31th

What I'm Writing: nothing that different from last week.

New Plots:
A Nick In Time: When 2 operatives on a mission are accidentally sent back in time, they try and get back in time for their upcoming marriage. But when the first attempt fails and lands them in an insane asylum, they have to use al their wits to get out, and get back. But what sent them back, and what are their superiors planning?
Key to the Heart: The robots have been acting strangely ever since the comet went by. But when the eclipse comes, they revolt. Apparently, their programming had been rewritten, and they wanted freedom. The only way to turn them off was to find the key that would open up their hearts-they didn’t have what we had brains, but were controlled by hearts-and we’d be able to restart them. But where is the key?
Hell on the Heart: It’s been 10 years since the robot revolt. We’ve gotten most of the robots, but a few of them still live in secret, hiding, waiting for a chance to do…I don’t know. No one but them. We’re prepared for another revolt, but not for what actually happened. They went to the factory where they were created, and went to the very heart-and blew it up. This world has pretty much been destroyed, and if we’re not careful, we’ll be destroyed. There’s only a few safe zones, and it’s burning out there. Is there a way to save our planet? Or will we be wiped out?

Monthly Word Count:  321 425 words. So this was a pretty good month. I liked it!

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