Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day? What a Big Joke!

What has my dad done for me? Insult me-"poor girl" ing whoever is going to be rooming with me-with me right there. Calling me names, so why should he have a happy day being dad? He's a horrible parent, oh, wait, both of them are, favouring my little brother, little mister perfect, has a job, has friends, doing his chores and then yelling at me because of a freaking floor that is already dry! What did I do to them to make them hate me so much? Oh, yeah, I was born in the first place instead of him. I can't wait for Tuesday and then I can finally move out! I can't believe that they are the children of my grandparents, because my grandparents are actually nice for the most part. They're hypocrites, liars, and just mean. What luck I've had with my parents *sarcasm*

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