Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pick Your Thon Mini Challenge 3 Make a Read/Review Poem

So hi everyone, I'm hosting today's mini challenge of Pick Your Thon From The Book Monsters, and this challenge is to make a poem from the books you're reading for the PYT and you can take a picture or you can just write it down. For each book you have, you get a spare word so the poem makes a bit more sense. And to make it easier, for both sides, you can change the tense, like make a "fiery" into a "fire" or a "fall" into a "fell" if it makes the poem sound better, just so long as you stay with

If you're doing the review side, Make a poem with words from a review you've written, with one word from each line of the review. A line being what words cross the post when you're writing it, so for example, the "If your one word from" of the first bit of this paragraph would be a line for me. If you use the whole review, you can, but you don't have to, pick 2 words from each line, and an extra word can be added for each line. Because it's supposed to be a nice easy challenge so you can participate and then get back to reading or reviewing or both!

And if you're reading and reviewing like me, then you can do either one, or both. I'm going with both.

So my reading poem would use the books:
  • Damned
  • Dueling Princes
  • All These Lives
  • Peagsus
  • Consumed 
  • Angel Fire
  • Flip
  • Spirit's Princess
  • Seduce the Darkness
  • The Queen's Lady 
  • Zero
  • Thumped
  • The Last Echo 
  • Boy Meets Girl
  • Against the Night
  • Club Dead
  • A Feast for Crows
And my poem is:
A Feast for Crows Flips Sides
Against the Night
Angel Fire Consumes the Light
The Queen's Lady Damns The Spirit's Princess
All These Lives Thumped The Last Echo

I know, it's very weird, but it's some sort of poem, with a bit of rhyming with night and light! 

And my review is of Everneath by Brodi Aston . 

Line 1: "This was a fantastic novel, with an original plot, amazing characters with self-sacrifice that can stun you, and at"
Line 2: "the same time are real and believable in horrible circumstances. And with that ending, well, I'm glad I still have"
Line 3: "my eyebrows, I would've expected them to be singed off! That was how explosive it was!"
Line 4: "Nikki has 6 months to say goodbye to her friends and family before she becomes the food for Everneath."
Line 5: "And what she left behind, well, she left because of the pain of the loss of her mother, and what she saw as the"
Line 6: "deteriorating state of her relationship with Jack. Told in flashes of the past mixed with the present, giving us"
Line 7: "detail of what we wanted to know, when we wanted to know, added to the writing, and the story, as what we"
Line 8: "wanted, we got."
Line 9: "Jack was a fantastic character, so was Nikki, and in his own way, so was Cole, they had their struggles, and"
Line 10: "their fights and their secrets, and their problems. They worked together, or they worked against each other,"
Line 11: "after all, Cole's goal for him and Nikki to become the rules of Everneath opposes Nikki and Jack's goal of" 
Line 12: "trying to get her free from a bargain that she never should've made, a bargain she never would've made if the"
Line 13: "situation was any different, because boy did she suffer through that!"
Line 14: "Taking us from Nikki's volunteer efforts to show her dad that she is responsible, to the mystery of what the"
Line 15: "seemingly crazy old lady is saying, and how that connects to the whole thing, and to the conflict of whether"
Line 16: "she should get close to Jack or not, after what happened, this was a full to the brim novel of excellence!"
Line 17: "And I have just have to comment on the cover! It's so pretty, the way her red dress fades to smoke, and how"
Line 18: "expressionless she seems, from what little of her face we see, and the swirling smoke, and just her dress," 
Line 19: "they're so pretty, and the dress is red! Love it! I can't wait to see the cover of Everbound! And for" 
Line 20: "Everbound to come out, because this was an excellent, excellent book!"
Line 21: "If you haven't read this book, then you're crazy, because you have to, because it's simply amazing! I can't wait:
Line 22: "for it to come out in paperback so I can buy it, so go read it!!"

And my poem is:
A Fantastic Stun because Time Is Unreal
A Singe of Explosion and Goodbye Becomes You
Behind the Pain, A Past-mixed Future
Wanted to Know, Wanted We Got
Fantastic in his Own Way, With Fights, Secrets, Problems
Opposed to Rules, Free from a Bargain
A Suffering Situation, A Responsible Mystery
Crazy Conflicted Connections, Full to the Brim
Fades to Smoke, the Swirling Smoke
Pretty in Red, Excellent is Out
Amazing to Crazy for it all to Come Out

And another strange poem, but aren't they supposed to be that way?

So what are your guy's poems? Link up below, and spread the love to other blogs!

And if you didn't catch it above, today's letter is: M.

Happy reading!


  1. This is fun. I made a read poem.

  2. It's tough writing these poems! But fun :)

  3. Thanks for hosting! I am also trying to write a poem--I really like yours so far!!!

  4. You had a fabulous poem! :) Can't wait to read the others. :)

  5. I know! And I had to do 2!

    And thanks, I just kinda put words together with the titles :) Just random nonsense :)

    Thanks! Me, too!


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